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3967247 ACCUMULATOR GP-BRAKE Caterpillar parts 797F
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Caterpillar 3967247 ACCUMULATOR GP-BRAKE

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TRUCK  797F   Caterpillar
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Table 1
Diagnostic Codes Table    
Description    Conditions which Generate this Code    System Response    
261-13 Engine Timing Calibration calibration required     The Electronic Control Module (ECM) detects a calibration offset of zero for the engine speed/timing sensor.     Default timing of zero is used. Timing can be off by 3 degrees.
The code is active.    The engine speed/timing sensor is calibrated with a two-step process. A new timing reference is calculated first. The reference is based on the signals from the transducer and the engine speed/timing sensor. Next, the new timing reference is programmed into the permanent memory of the engine ECM.The engine speed/timing sensor provides engine information to the ECM. The ECM powers the engine speed/timing sensor with 12.5 1.0 VDC. The sensor senses the tooth pattern on the timing reference gear that is attached to the left camshaft. As the timing gear rotates past the engine speed/timing sensor, a signal is generated in the sensor. This signal is sent to the ECM. The ECM uses this signal in order to calculate the engine position and the engine speed.A loss of the engine speed/timing signal causes the ECM to stop sending power to the fuel injectors.Calibration of the timing is required only after the following circumstances:
The ECM has been replaced.
The timing gear and/or the rear gear train have been adjusted.
The timing gear and/or the rear gear train have been replaced.Test Step 1. Check for an "ACTIVE" Diagnostic Code
Remove electrical power to the ECM.
Connect Caterpillar Electronic Technician (ET) to the service tool connector.
If a timing calibration sensor is not already installed on this application, install a timing calibration probe onto the engine:
Remove the timing calibration plug from the flywheel housing.
Examine the flywheel through the timing calibration hole. Ensure that the probe is not inserted into the timing pin hole. If necessary, rotate the engine.
Illustration 1 g03515697
(1) 6V-3093 Transducer Adapter
Install the 6V-3093 Transducer Adapter into the hole for the timing calibration at the flywheel.
Illustration 2 g03515699
(2) 6V-2197 Transducer
Insert the 6V-2197 Transducer through the 6V-3093 Transducer Adapter . Insert the transducer until contact is made with the surface of the flywheel. Adjust the transducer in order to provide a clearance of 0.9 mm (0.04 inch) between the flywheel and the tip of the transducer.
Do not install the timing calibration probe over the timing pin hole in the flywheel or damage will result.
Tighten the nut on the 6V-3093 Transducer Adapter .
Connect the 7X-1695 Cable As between the transducer and the timing calibration connector P26.
Restore electrical power to the ECM.
Start the engine. Allow the engine to exit cold mode operation.
Monitor the diagnostic codes on Cat ET. Check and record any diagnostic codes.Note: Wait at least 30 seconds in order for the diagnostic codes to become active.Expected Result:The 261-13 diagnostic code is the only code that is active.Results:
OK - The 261-13 is the only active code. A timing calibration must be performed on the engine. Proceed to Test Step 2.
Not OK - The 261-13 is not the only active code

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