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ADAPTER GP-FAN 3534473 - Caterpillar

3534473 ADAPTER GP-FAN Caterpillar parts C13, CX31-C13I ADAPTER
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Caterpillar 3534473 ADAPTER GP-FAN

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12 Jan 2019
50 Hundredths Pounds
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Eastern Motorcycle Parts Mainshaft-Right Thrust Washer A-35344-73
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PETROLEUM PACKAGE  CX31-C13I   Caterpillar


Safety precautions and warnings are provided in this manual and on the product. If these hazard warnings are not heeded, bodily injury or death could occur to you or to other persons.The hazards are identified by the safety alert symbol which is followed by a signal word such as danger, warning, or caution. The "" safety alert symbol is shown below.
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This safety alert symbol means:Pay attention!Become alert!Your safety is involved.The message that appears under the safety alert symbol explains the hazard.Operations that may cause product damage are identified by "" labels on the product and in this publication.Caterpillar cannot anticipate every possible circumstance that might involve a potential hazard. The safety information in this document and the safety information on the machine are not all inclusive. You must determine that the tools, procedures, work methods, and operating techniques are safe. You must determine that the operation, lubrication, maintenance, and repair procedures will not damage the machine. Also, you must determine that the operation, lubrication, maintenance, or the repair procedures will not make the machine unsafe.The information, the specifications, and the illustrations that exist in this guideline are based on information which was available at the time of publication. The specifications, torques, pressures, measurements, adjustments, illustrations, and other items can change at any time. These changes can affect the service that is given to the product. Obtain the complete, most current information before you start any job. Caterpillar dealers can supply the most current information.Part Description
Table 2
Base Metal     Steel    
Hardness     62-65 RC    Flame Spray Equipment and Procedure
Table 3
Maximum Surface Finish     0.38 - 0.51 Micrometers (15-20 Microinches)    
Reason for Spraying     Wear    
Mating Part Contact Area & Material     Seal, lip    
Metco Equipment Type     6P-II    
Metco Material     447 or 453    
Finished Thickness     0.25 mm (0.010 inch) -
0.51 mm (0.020 inch)    
Finishing Allowance    
0.25 mm (0.010 inch) per side    
Spray Angle     90° to part    
Substrate Pre-Heat Temperature    
38° C (100° F) (See Note Below)    
Substrate Temperature During Spraying Not to Exceed    
149° C (300° F)    
Auxiliary Cooling     METCO AJ, if required    
Rotation/Traverse Device     Lathe    
Rotation/Traverse Speed    
91.4 SMPM (300.00 SFPM) minimum    
Surface Preparation Method     Undercut, grit blast    
Finishing Method     Grind    
Grinding Equipment Type     Cylindrical or tool post    
Recommended Wheel     46J or 36K silicon carbide    Note: Do NOT direct flame on area to be sprayed.
Table 4
Flame Spray Process (6P)     Procedure     Check List    
Clean Part     Non-oil base solvent wash        
Undercut     If part has been chrome plated, remove chrome        
Chamfer     All edges 45° x
0.76 mm (0.030 inch)        
Remove Oxide     Emery paper - 60 grit        
Mask for Blast     Use metal mask or duct tape        
Blast Equipment     Pressure blast        

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