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ADAPTER 3599037 - Caterpillar

3599037 ADAPTER Caterpillar parts C9.3 ADAPTER
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Caterpillar 3599037 ADAPTER
Weight: 8 pounds 3 kg.

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INDUSTRIAL ENGINE  C9.3   Caterpillar
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Caterpillar MachinesReference: Service Magazine, SEPD0357; April 28, 1997; Page 26, "More Frequent S O S Oil Analysis Improves Component Life Cycle Management".Reference: * Booklet, TEJB1015; "Understanding The S O S Report", Page 11. * Data Sheet, PEHP6001-06; "How To Take A Good Oil Sample". This article includes updates and clarifies the referenced article of the same title in the April 28, 1997 issue.Caterpillar's Fluids Analysis Group recommends sampling the oil from all compartments (engine and non-engine) at intervals of 250 hours and at the time the oil is changed.
The 250 hour sample interval is only a .It is recommended that a 250 hour1sample interval be followed particularly under any of the following conditions:
1. If the machine is under a Customer Support Agreement (CSA) which includes "guarantees" of cost/hour, machine availability, etc.2. If the machine application is more severe than normal; regardless of CSA status.3. If the machine is on "close follow" to monitor wear levels over a period of time in order to validate that a failure mode is in progress.4. If the machine's oil change interval has been altered from the interval published in the Operation and Maintenance Manual2.1Dealers may elect to temporarily shorten the sample interval to even less than the 250 hour recommendation based on the component in question and the particular circumstances of the machine's application, operation, or maintenance procedures.
2If an oil change interval optimization study is performed, the oil sampling intervals should definitely be shortened to less than 250 hours, depending on compartment study parameters. Please contact your subsidiary S O S Coordinator for details.
More frequent sampling increases the odds of detecting a potential failure, thus enhancing the predictive repair indicator capabilities of the program. In addition, shorter sampling intervals establish a very clear trend line by recording additional sequential data points throughout the entire oil change interval. This enables better defined trend line monitoring from interval to interval improving the ability to manage a component's life cycle. This optimal data trending approach allows dealers to best manage the risks associated with CSAs, sever operating conditions, and oil change interval optimization studies. Eventually, this additional data will be collected from dealer data banks by Caterpillar and be developed into information which will provide better understanding of the operational and life cycle parameters of various major components. This information will benefit dealers by enabling more accurate and timely management of CSAs.
The traditional 500 hour sampling interval for non-engine compartments and 250 hour interval for engines is still valid. However, these long standing sampling intervals are to be considered the maximum amount of time that should be allowed to pass between oil samples. Ideally, all compartments should be sampled at 250 hour intervals all the time for the reasons stated. However, it is understood that some customers might not want to standardize on 250 hour sample intervals (non-engine compartments) because of the previous 500 hour precedent. Therefore, the decision regarding the reduction of oil sample intervals below the traditional 500 is the responsibility of both

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