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ADAPTER 3966866 - Caterpillar

3966866 ADAPTER Caterpillar parts C1.5, CB22B, CB24B, CB32B, CB34B, CB34B XW, CC24B, CC34B
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Caterpillar 3966866 ADAPTER
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INDUSTRIAL ENGINE  C1.5   Caterpillar
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Procedure For Repairing Exhaust Manifold As An Assembly
1. Remove the manifolds from the engine. DO NOT separate the exhaust manifold sections. Tack weld the manifold sections at the joints to prevent thermal ratcheting which can occur from joint "slippage" at high temperatures.2. Remove any broken studs. Because of the extreme hardness of the stud, weld a nut onto the broken stud to provide an effective way of removing the stud. Replace any broken stud with the new 9X2840 Stud and 8M2296 Nut. DO NOT mix production 4S6137 Studs and 2N2766 Locknuts with the new, higher alloy studs and stainless steel nuts.3. Use a suitable method (such as an end mill) to elongate the existing holes as shown in Illustrations 1, 2 and 3. The dimensions for the slots are shown in Illustration 4. If the engine is being repaired in the field and an end mill is not available, the same holes shown in Illustrations 1, 2 and 3 can be enlarged to 12.7 mm (.50") using a reamer.
Illustration 1. Exhaust manifold for 3406 Engine.
Illustration 2. Exhaust manifold for 3408 Engine.
Illustration 3. Exhaust manifold for 3412 Engine.
Illustration 4. Dimensions for slots.4. Install the new 9Y4582 Manifold Gaskets on the studs between the manifolds and the cylinder head. This gasket is thicker and denser than the former gasket and will improve nut torque retention.5. Put 5P3931 Anti-Seize Compound on the stud threads. Install the correct nuts or locknuts as explained in Step 2 and tighten to 52 7 N m (38 5 lb ft) using the sequence shown in the Service Manual.Procedure For Repairing Exhaust Manifolds With Sections Separated
1. Remove the manifold from the engine. Remove any broken studs. Because of the extreme hardness of the stud, weld a nut onto the broken stud to provide an effective way of removing the stud. The 4S6137 Stud can be replaced with a higher strength stainless steel 9X2840 Stud. (Use the 8M2296 Nut, with the 9X2840 Stud. The 2N2766 Locknut should be used with the 4S6137 Stud.)2. Disassemble the exhaust manifold sections. Clean the joints thoroughly with a wire brush to remove all existing carbon, oxidation and scale. Finish removing any remaining residue with 80 grit abrasive cloth. After the cleaning process, the stud clearance holes can be reamed to a maximum diameter of 12.7 mm (.50") to allow for easier assembly.3. The engagement length of the joints must be reduced either by cutting off part of the male end (Illustration 5) or by grooving (by machining or grinding) the male end of the joint (Illustration 6). In either case the leading edge of the manifold should be chamfered.
Illustration 5. Dimensions for cutting male end of joint.
Illustration 6. Dimensions for grooving male end of joint. No sharp edges or corners in location (A), two places.4. Make sure the male end of the manifold is clean, dry and free from grease and oil. Apply a thin, uniform coat of 2P2333 Manifold Sealer to the MALE END of the manifold sections.5.

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Caterpillar parts catalog
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CB34B Compactor 42300001-UP (MACHINE) POWERED BY C2.2 Engine
CB24B Compactor 42000001-UP (MACHINE) POWERED BY C1.5 Engine
CC24B Compactor 42100001-UP (MACHINE) POWERED BY C1.5 Engine
CB32B Compactor 42200001-UP (MACHINE) POWERED BY C1.5 Electric Power Generation
CB34B XW Compactor 42500001-UP (MACHINE) POWERED BY C2.2 Engine
CC34B Compactor 32400001-UP (MACHINE) POWERED BY C2.2 Engine
CB34B Compactor 3B400001-UP (MACHINE) POWERED BY C2.2 Engine

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