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ARM WIPER 1C4050 - Caterpillar

1C4050 ARM WIPER Caterpillar parts ARM
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Caterpillar 1C4050 ARM WIPER
Weight: 2 pounds 1 kg.

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This instruction provides the necessary information for the installation and operation of the 4C9871 Filter Crusher. Information for adjustment and inspection are also included.
Use of this crusher for other than oil or hydraulic filters, could result in damage to the crusher and/or personal injury.
Do not perform any procedure, outlined in this publication, or order any parts until you read and understand the information contained within.Installation Procedure
1. Install the filter crusher ram assembly on a support table as shown.
The filter crusher has been wired to operate on 460 volt - 3 phase power. Failure to convert for 230 volt - 3 phase, when necessary, could result in damage to the motor.
* If your shop is set up for 230 volt - 3 phase power, Steps 2 thru 4 are necessary to convert the filter crusher to 230 volt - 3 phase.* If your shop is set up for 460 volt - 3 phase power, proceed with Step 5.2. Remove three 460 volt overloads (1) from the starter in the start/stop electrical control box.3. Install three 230 volt overloads in the start/stop electrical control box.4. Rewire electric motor (3) to 230 volts. Electrical schematic (2) is provided on the electric motor name plate.5. Fill hydraulic tank (4) with a good grade of hydraulic oil (20W or 30W).6. Connect the two hydraulic hoses to the hydraulic ram.7. Jog the start/stop buttons (5) to determine proper rotation of the hydraulic pump. Rotation is indicated on the electric motor at location (A). Direction of electric motor rotation can be changed by switching any two of three incoming power lines.8. Place a 55 gallon drum under the frame of filter crusher. Connect a hose from the bottom of the filter crushing chamber to the inside of the 55 gallon drum.Operation Procedure
1. Push start button on electrical control box.2. Push down on both the left and right hydraulic actuating levers (6) and (7) to actuate downward movement of ram. Continue until high pressure oil can be heard going over relief valve.3. Pull up on right hand lever (7) to actuate upward movement of ram. This lever need not be held in position.When ram reaches the top of its stroke, the valve will automatically shift to its' center position.* Perform Step 3 several times to remove entrapped air in the system on initial start up.4. With ram (8) in the UP position, load filter (B) into the filter crushing chamber.
Keep hands clear of the crushing chamber. Failure to do so could result in personal injury
Ram is in the UP position when the ram can be seen through the slots in the ram cover. The ram is red in color.5. Push down on both hydraulic actuating levers (6) and (7) and hold in that position. The cover and the ram for the filter crushing chamber will lower, covering the filter first.After the cover has been lowered, the ram will continue on and crush the filter.Release the levers when high pressure oil can be heard going over relief

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