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4647253 AXLE AR-REAR Caterpillar parts AXLE
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Caterpillar 4647253 AXLE AR-REAR

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Illustration 1 g00984203
The previous chart shows the order of the menu for the service mode that is available. Use the procedures in order to show faults and check sensors that are in the system.The service mode is entered automatically when the system is activated. This is only true if the system is not calibrated or if a fault is present. A critical fault may occur during a weighing or during a calibration operation. The service mode is entered automatically if this occurs.Press the "SERV" key in order to enter the service mode.Faults
A "SERV CODE" symbol will be shown on the display when an active fault is present.
Press the "SERV" key in order to view all present faults and stored faults. The top line of the display will show "NO FAULTS" if no faults are present. The system will then advance to the display mode for the position sensor.ReferenceRefer to Testing and Adjusting, "Troubleshooting General Information" for fault code descriptions.Note: No weight will be taken if the pressure sensor has a fault. Any faults should be investigated as soon as possible. The PCS may attempt to weigh the bucket loads or the PCS may not attempt to weigh the bucket loads. This is dependent on the type of fault that is present.
If a logged fault is present, the fault will be displayed on the top line. The identification number of the fault will alternate with the frequency of the fault. The bottom line of the display will show the CID:FMI.
If the current fault is not active, the symbol for the service code will not be active. Pressing the "CLEAR" key will remove the fault from the log. If the fault is active, pressing the "CLEAR" key will advance to the next fault. The "SCROLL" key can also be used in order to advance to the next fault. Press the "CLEAR" key while the "END" message is displayed. This will return the system to the weigh mode.
Press the SERV key in order to return to the weigh mode. Press the NEXT FUNCTN key in order to continue to the display for the position sensor.Display for the Position Sensor
Illustration 2 g00584514
Press the "SERV" key.
Press the "NEXT FUNCTN" key for one time. The display will show the units of the current lift position sensor. The units are related to the angle of the lift arms.
Tilt the bucket fully backward.
Lower the bucket as far as possible in order to retract the lift cylinders. Observe the display.
If the display shows a value that is under 6500 or if the display shows a value that is over 22000, the sensor is not installed properly.ReferenceRefer to Testing and Adjusting, "Position Sensor (Lift Linkage)- Adjust"

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