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BAR 9V9039 - Caterpillar

9V9039 BAR Caterpillar parts 943 BAR
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Caterpillar 9V9039 BAR
Weight: 0.54 pounds 0 kg.

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TRACK LOADER  943   Caterpillar
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Remove Fuel Transfer Pump
1. Put the fuel injection pump housing on tool (A).2. Install timing pin (1) to keep the injection pump camshaft from turning during disassembly and assembly.3. Install bolt (B) in the threads of sleeve (4). Tighten the bolt until the sleeve can be removed.
Do not hit the bolt or sleeve. This will cause damage to the unit.
4. Remove bolts (3) that hold the body to the housing.5. Remove body (2) from the housing. 6. Remove idler gear (6) from the body.7. Remove O-ring seal (5) and the two lip-type seals from the body. 8. Remove drive gear (8) from the shaft.9. Remove key (7) from the shaft.Install Fuel Transfer Pump
1. Install the inner seal in the body with tool (A). The lip of the seal must be toward the pump gears.2. Install the outer seal with tool (B). The lip of the seal must be toward the outside.
Always be careful not to cause damage to the machined surface of the pump body.
3. Install the O-ring seal (2) and the idler gear (1) on the body. 4. Install the key and drive gear (3) on the shaft. 5. Install the body (4) on the housing.6. Install the bolts that hold the body to the housing. 7. Put the sleeve (5) in position on the camshaft. A new sleeve must be used at assembly. Sleeves can not be used again. The timing pin must be in the position shown to keep the camshaft from turning during assembly.8. Install the sleeve on the camshaft with tooling (C).
Do not hit the sleeve with a hammer to install it. This will put end force on the camshaft and cause damage to the other components in the pump housing.
9. The end clearance of the camshaft must be 0.58 0.46 mm (.023 .018 in.) after sleeve (5) is installed.end by:a) install fuel injection pump housing and governorRemove Fuel Injection Pumps
Fuel Injection Pump And Housing
Before removing the fuel injection pumps, clean the outer surface of the fuel injection pump housing.
1. Remove the bolts (1) that hold cover (2) in position. Remove the cover.2. Remove the spring from the bypass valve. Do not loosen screws (3) that hold the levers when removing or installing the fuel injection pumps. If the levers are moved, the fuel pump adjustment will be changed. 3. Remove the fuel injection pumps with tool (A). The sleeve on the plunger will slide off the lever as the fuel injection pump is removed.Install Fuel Injection Pumps
1. Put the fuel injection pump in the bore of the fuel pump housing. Make sure the fuel injection pump (1) is clean and free of dirt and foreign material.2. The sleeve (2) will be engaged with the lever when installed correctly.
If the levers have been moved on the shaft, the fuel pump adjustment must be made. (See TESTING AND ADJUSTING).
3. Tighten the bushing on the fuel injection pump with tool (A) to a torque of 70 5 lb.ft. (95 7 N

Caterpillar parts catalog:

Caterpillar parts catalog

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