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1C3999 BEAM EXT 6" Caterpillar parts BEAM
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Caterpillar 1C3999 BEAM EXT 6"

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1. Slide the coupling onto the hose. See the chart called HOSE INSERTION DEPTH (located in the topic entitled Crimp Inspection) to select the correct distance. The insertion depth is the coupling shell length.2. With the pusher in the full up position, lift the back half of the split die ring. Lock it in the up position by pushing the slide pin in (the slide pin is located inside the pusher at the back).3. Place the die ring (1) on the base bowl. Locate the die ring by inserting the two roll pins in the holes on the base plate. Step 3 is not necessary if a die ring is not required (see chart for appropriate hose and coupling).
Two Piece Die Set
Installed Die Set in Base Plate4. Insert the die into the base bowl. All of the dies come in two pieces.5. Insert the hose and coupling from below into the die.The die will automatically position the coupling and hold it during crimping. For angled couplings it may be necessary to insert hose and coupling into die prior to installing split die ring. The die may require partial removal to insert and remove angled coupling.6. Lower the back half of the split die ring onto the die by pulling the slide pin forward.7. Insert the front half of the split die ring aligning the pin in the back half with the hole in the front half.8. Turn on the pump by pushing the green button at the left hand side of the machine. Lower the pusher by pulling the lever towards you. When the die ring contacts the adapter bowl, the crimp is complete.9. Push the lever away from you to open die and remove the finished assembly. You do not have to remove any tooling to remove or insert straight couplings. The front half of the split die ring may have to be removed to insert and remove bent couplings.10. Repeat this procedure for the opposite end of the hose assembly.11. Check the diameter of the coupling to make sure that the crimp was done correctly. Refer to the Crimp Inspection topic.Crimp Inspection
* In Step 1 the (A) dimension in the illustration is for XT hoses ONLY.* For other than XT hoses, dimension (A) is the Hose Insertion Depth (full length of the shell).Crimped couplings should be inspected both visually and dimensionally to be sure of configuration to design specifications. Refer to the above charts for hose crimp length (A) and diameter specifications. For crimp diameter, make two measurements (B) and (C), 90° apart, and average these two measurements. Crimp diameter measurements are to be taken at the middle of the crimp length and at the center of the crimp segment.Air Conditioning Hose Crimping
The Hose crimping procedure for air conditioning hose assemblies is relatively the same as other assemblies with permanent couplings. Using the information in this Special Instruction, the differences will be identified below. Hose insertion depth for air conditioning couplings is 40.4 mm (1.59 in).1.

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