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BEARING 1C4053 - Caterpillar

1C4053 BEARING Caterpillar parts BEARING
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Caterpillar 1C4053 BEARING
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Installing the Valve Seat Adapter(s)
2. Install correct size valve seat adapter (1), part of 6V-3108 Accessory Kit, on drill bushing (2). The adapter should be installed at the approximate center of the drill bushing's threads. 3. Install drill bushing (2) and 6V-7755 Spring Seat Guide (3) in 6V-3095 Boring Fixture (4).
Cylinder head positioned with exhaust ports facing upward.4. Position cylinder head with exhaust ports facing upward. 5. Position boring fixture (4) as shown, on the valve guide to be machined.6. Adjust the boring fixture to move and seat the adapters fully against the valve and spring seats.* Tighten the adjustment screw to maintain (secure) the adapters position.Installing the Alignment Bushing
7. Install alignment bushing (5) in fixture (4). 8. Install knob (6) on bushing (2). 9. Use alignment pin (7) to position the drill bushing and alignment bushing in alignment with the valve guide. The alignment pin should enter into each bushing WITHOUT interference.10. Turn knob (6) to secure the fixture with the alignment pin position. 11. Remove alignment pin (7), knob (6) and bushing (5). The alignment pin should exit each bushing WITHOUT interference.* Repeat procedure(s) if excessive interference is felt.Machining the Valve Guide
* An electric drill with a 13 mm (.5 in) diameter bit capacity and with a speed range of 500 - 600 revolutions per minute is required to drive the:* 12.065 mm (0.4750 in) Piloted Core Drill* 12.700 mm (0.5000 in) Piloted Reamer* 5P5173 Reamer .. 9.474 mm (0.3730 in) Diameter* 5P5174 Reamer .. 9.500 mm (0.3740 in) DiameterMachining and Installation Operations
The machining consists of four operations:1. The first machining operation uses a 12.065 mm (0.4750 in) piloted core drill to machine the guide to the correct inside diameter to install the new valve guide.2. The second machining operation uses the increased diameter of the valve guide as a pilot for the 12.700 mm (0.5000 in) piloted reamer used to machine the guide to the correct inside dimension to install the new valve guides sleeves. * The installation of the new intake/exhaust valve guide sleeve is after the first and second machining operations.3. The third machining operation machines (reams) the valve guide sleeve to a semi finish diameter of: 9.474 mm (0.3730 in).4. The fourth machining operation machines (reams) the valve guide sleeve to a finish diameter of: 9.512 mm 0.013 mm (0.3745 in 0.0005 in)010
1. Install 12.0650 mm (0.475 in) piloted core drill (8) in drill bushing and alignment bushing as

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