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BEARING 3599627 - Caterpillar

3599627 BEARING Caterpillar parts BEARING
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Caterpillar 3599627 BEARING
Weight: 521 pounds 236 kg.

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44. If necessary, use tooling (C) to remove camshaft bearings (75).45. If necessary, remove fourteen bolts (76), the cover, and the gasket from each side of the fuel injection pump housing.Assemble Governor & Fuel Injection Pump Housing
1. If removed, install camshaft bearings (75) with tool (C). See the Specifications - 3412 Industrial Engines Manual (SENR4651), for proper location and orientation of bearings.2. If removed, install fourteen bolts (76), the cover and the gasket to each side of the fuel injection pump. Tighten bolts (76) to 14 4 N m (10 3 lb ft). 3. Install camshaft (74) to the fuel injection pump. 4. Install camshaft lock (73).5. Install two bolts (72) and the locking tabs. 6. Put clean engine oil on lifters (71). Install lifters (71) and the spacers in their original locations. 7. Coat O-ring seal (67) with clean engine oil. Install O-ring (67) to bypass valve assembly (66).8. Install spring (68) and bypass valve (69) to valve body (70).9. Install bypass valve assembly (66) to housing (70). 10. Coat the O-ring seal with clean engine oil. Install the O-ring seal and bypass valve (64). If removed, press in adapter (65). Coat the O-ring seal with clean engine oil. 11. Install the gasket, plate assembly, six bolts (62), and two bolts (63) to the fuel injection pump housing. 12. Put clean engine oil on two rack regulators (61). Install right and left hand rack regulators (61) in their proper locations.
If one or more of the injection pumps have been installed wrong, damage to the engine is possible if cautions are not taken when the engine is first started. Make preparation to close off the air intake to stop the engine if necessary.
13. Use tool (G) to install fuel injection pumps (60) and the spacers in their original location. For more detail, see the topic, "Install Fuel Injection Pumps" in the Disassembly and Assembly manual. 14. Install bushing (59) and the seal in the pump housing bore. If the injection pump is in the correct position, bushing (59) will turn into the threads of the pump housing with the fingers until it is even with the housing. Use tool (A) to tighten bushing (59) to a torque of 245 15 N m (180 10 lb ft). Install the washers.15. Check the rack movement (travel) with tool (H), after each pump is installed. See the topic, "Injection Pump Installation" in the Testing and Adjusting manual.16. Repeat Steps 13 thru 16 for the remaining pumps and bushings. 17. Install rack link (57), plug (58), and the bolt.18. Install both tools (E) and hold the racks against the pins19. Rotate plug (58) to equalize bank to bank rack setting, then tighten bolt.20. Install the pin, support assembly (55), and two bolts (56). 21. Install pump drive gear (54) and two bolts (53). 22. Install the O-ring seal on sleeve (52). Install valve (50), piston (51), and sleeve (52) in servo piston assembly (44). Lubricate the seal and

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