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Caterpillar 5088239 BEARING AS

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Tandem Drive
The tandem drive consists of the following major components:
Drive chains
Drive sprockets
Mounting hardware
Illustration 1 g01470393
(1) Piston motors ( hydrostatic)
(2) Axles
(3) Drive chains
(4) Drive sprockets
(5) Axle sprockets The tandem drive transfers mechanical power from the piston motors ( hydrostatic) (1) to the axles (2) through the chains (3). Torque and speed from each motor is transferred to the chains by double drive sprockets (4). Drive sprockets (4) are not as large as axle sprockets (5). Torque multiplication is created in the tandem drive system because a small gear drives a larger gear. The inboard chains drive a single sprocket at the rear axles. The outboard chains drive a single sprocket (5) at the front axles. The chains (3) are high strength drive chains. Lubrication is supplied by an oil bath of "10W30" oil in each drive chain box. The chains are dipped at the bottom of the axle sprockets as the chains rotate.As running time is accumulated on the drive train, the chains will elongate due to wear in the chain links. Adjustment slots are provided in the axle. Refer to Operation and Maintenance Manual, "Drive Chain Tension - Check/Adjust" for the proper adjustment procedure for the chains.The teeth on the sprockets are heat treated in order to provide resistance to surface wear. The axle sprockets (5) are attached to the spindles by internal splines, a hardened washer, and a bolt. The double drive sprockets (4) are attached to the hydraulic motors by internal splines, a retainer, and a bolt.Axle
Illustration 2 g00598054
(1) Housing
(2) Roller bearing cup and cone
(3) Spindle
(4) Stud
(5) Seal
(6) Seal
(7) Spacer The axle consists of the following components:
two grease seals
bearing spacer
two tapered roller bearingsThe spindle flange provides a protective lip for hard objects and the flange provides a mounting for the wheel rims.Bearing grease is retained by the two grease seals (5) and (6) and the bearing spacer (7). The inside lip seal (6) sits on the bearing spacer. The inside lip seal separates the grease for the axle bearing and the oil that is in the drive chain box. The outer seal (5) features sealing elements that are resistant to contamination in addition to an internal grease seal.Two identical tapered roller bearings support the spindle at each end of the axle housing.

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