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5088402 BEARING AS Caterpillar parts BEARING
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Caterpillar 5088402 BEARING AS

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Power Up
When the Machine ECM is energized, the transmission is placed in neutral. This is done regardless of the shift lever's position. Prior to travel, the shift lever must pass through the NEUTRAL position. The transmission will remain in neutral until this has been accomplished.Neutral Start
The signal for the start relay goes through the shift lever. The shift lever must be in the NEUTRAL position in order to allow cranking of the engine. The lever must pass through the NEUTRAL position before a direction can be selected.Modes of Operation
The "FNR" Shift Handle - Autoshift has an automatic shift function and a manual shift function.Ride Control
Illustration 1 g01654154
Ride control circuitRide Control Switch: This switch provides two inputs to the Machine ECM.
"Ride control automatic operation"
"Ride control ON"
"Ride control OFF"A three-position switch controls the ride control function. In the held middle OFF position, the ride control function is disabled. In the ON position, the ride control solenoid is always enabled. In the held AUTO position, the ride control function activates the ride control solenoid valve when the ground speed is greater than a set limit. The ride control solenoid valve is deactivated when the machine ground speed is at least 1 km/h less than the set speed limit. The default set limit for the AUTO position is 9 km/h. Caterpillar Electronic Technician (ET) will be used to change the set limit. For the purpose of calculating ground speed, a nominal tire radius of 635 mm (25 inch) shall be used. A pressure switch is placed in series with the ride control relay that controls the solenoid. When there is pressure on the rod end of the lift cylinder, the circuit of the solenoid driver is open. The ride control function will be prevented from being engaged when there is a load on the rod end, such as when the loader is being used as a stabilizer. Use of a relay driver also prevents diagnostics from being performed on the "ride control" solenoid circuit.Note: Whenever the ride control solenoid is activated, the loader lock bypass solenoid (if installed) must also be activated so that lift arm motion can occur. Ride control on the 414E and the 416E mechanical machines is switched ON or switched OFF by electrical means only. These machines are not offered with both Ride Control and Loader Lock valves. Switches on these machines have no AUTO position, and both ON & OFF positions are held.Ride Control Disable: A pressure switch within the rod end of the lift cylinder is used in order to sense when the loader is applying a downward force. The switch deactivates at 3137 175 kPa (455 25.4 psi). The control module will disable the ride control function by de-energizing the ride control relay. Ride Control Enable: A pressure switch within the rod end of the lift cylinder is used to sense when the loader is administering a downward force. The switch is activated at a maximum pressure of 3500 kPa (508 psi). The control

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