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BEARING 9V9007 - Caterpillar

9V9007 BEARING Caterpillar parts BEARING
Alternative (cross code) number:
Caterpillar 9V9007 BEARING
Weight: 0.30 pounds 0 kg.
ID  35.3  mm
OD  43.117  mm
WIDTH  34.7  mm

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3. Handle all parts with care to avoid nicking critical areas. File smooth any parts, other than the sealing faces, that have nicks that may make assembly difficult or questionable.4. Wash off all dirt accumulation from used parts. It may be necessary to use a wire brush to clean the accumulations of dirt or rust from the bore of the seal retainers to assure they are clean and smooth.5. Remove all oil or the protective coating from floating ring seals (2) and from retainers (4) with a nonflammable cleaning solvent and dry them.6. Be sure the ramps on the retainers and on the floating ring seal are dry and with no oil present. Check the ramps for rough tool marks and nicks. On used parts, remove all dirt or rust deposits from the ramps with a scraper or wire brush, and smooth the surface with emery cloth.7. Always install new rubber toric sealing rings (1) on floating ring seals (2). Never install a used toric sealing ring on a new or used floating ring seal.8. Install toric sealing rings (1) on floating ring seals (2). Be sure the toric sealing ring is not twisted and that it sets straight and against the lip that keeps it from falling off the floating ring seal. See Fig. A and Fig. C.
Use caution when using isopropyl alcohol. Follow the manufacturer's recommendations on the container when using isopropyl alcohol.
9. Before installation of the Duo-Cone floating seals, wet the toric sealing ring in isopropyl alcohol so it will slip easily under the housing retainer lip. Do not use stanisol or any other liquid that leaves an oily film or does not evaporate quickly. 10. Use correct tooling to install Duo-Cone floating seals. Duo-Cone floating seal installation tools are available for various size seals. See the Power Train Tools section of the Tool Guide for a list of installation tools. A typical installation tool is shown in the illustration.
If the installer tool is not used, do not use a screwdriver or stick to assemble the toric sealing ring in the retainer. Use finger pressure only.
11. Install the Duo-Cone floating seal in retainer (4) until the toric sealing ring is under the lip of the retainer. Make sure toric sealing ring does not twist when installed. This can cause floating seal ring (2) to cock. See Figure B.12. After assembly, check dimension (X) (see Figure C) four places 90° apart. Height variation around the assembled ring should not exceed 1.0 mm (.040 in.). Use the Duo-Cone floating seal installation tool to make any adjustments. Do not push directly on the floating seal ring.13. Before assembling floating ring seals together, wait at least two minutes to let all isopropyl alcohol evaporate.14. Wipe the faces of the seals with a lint free tissue to remove any foreign material.15. Put a thin film of clean oil on the seal faces. Be careful not to let any oil come in contact with the toric sealing ring or its mating

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