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9W0231 BEARING-RACE & Caterpillar parts BEARING
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Caterpillar 9W0231 BEARING-RACE &
Weight: 3 pounds 1 kg.

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1. Disconnect hose assemblies (1) and (2) from the governor.2. Disconnect wire harness (4).3. Remove bolt (5). Move lubrication line (6) and the clip away from the governor.4. Remove the cotter pin and the pin, and disconnect rod end (3) from the governor.
To prevent damage to the governor, do not set the governor on the drive shaft or the governor terminal shaft after removal.
5. Remove bolts (7) that hold the cover to the accessory drive housing. Remove bolts (9) that hold the governor to the governor drive housing, and remove governor (8). 6. Remove the bracket that holds cover (11) to the governor. Remove bolt (10) and control lever (12) from the governor terminal shaft Remove cover (11) from the governor terminal shaft 7. Remove seal (13) and the washer from cover (11). 8. Remove four O-ring seals (15) from the governor drive housing.9. Remove gasket (14) from the accessory drive housing.Install Governor
It will be necessary to remove the alternator and alternator mounting bracket to install tooling (B). 1. Install washer (2). Install seal (1) with tooling (A). Be sure the lip of seal (1) points down as shown. Lubricate the lip of seal (1) with clean engine oil. 2. Install cover (6) and control lever (4) on the governor terminal shaft. Tighten bolt (3) that fastens the control lever to the shaft.
Before the governor is installed on the engine, be sure pin (5) of control lever (4) is at the bottom of the lever as shown. If the pin is not in this position, the control lever can bind or become disconnected from the engine fuel control linkage. Engine overspeed can be the result.
3. Put pin (5) of control lever (4) at the bottom as shown and tighten the pin lock bolt enough to hold the pin in position while the governor is installed. 4. Install gasket (7) on the front drive housing. Install four seals (10) on the governor drive. Loosen six bolts (9) that fasten the governor drive to the accessory drive housing.5. Be sure the O-ring seal is in position on the bottom of the governor drive housing and put the governor in position on the governor drive. Square up the governor base with the front accessory drive housing and tighten governor base bolts (11).6. Rotate the governor drive to align the holes in cover (6) before tightening governor drive bolts (9), to prevent possible side loading on the governor terminal shaft. After the holes in cover (6) are in alignment, tighten bolts (9).7. Install tooling (B) and adjust pin (5) on the control lever to synchronize the governor travel to the fuel control linkage. See Governor Installation, 3161 Governor With Torque Rise, in Testing and Adjusting, for the correct adjustment and setting procedure. 8. After the governor is adjusted, remove tooling (B). Install bolts (13) that fasten cover (6) to the front drive housing.9. Install bracket (17) as follows.a. Install two bolts (18) in the side of the governor.b. Slide bracket (17) in

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