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3844090 BELT Caterpillar parts
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Caterpillar 3844090 BELT
Weight: 2 pounds 1 kg.

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Table 1
Required Tools    
Item     Part Number     Part Description     Qty    
A     9U-6879     Stud     1    
B     6V-0299     Full Nut     1    
C     9M-1974     Hard Washer     1    
D     9U-6877     Thrust Bearing     1    
E     9U-6881     Arm     1    
F     9U-6883     Block     1    
G     1U-7579     Hex Wrench     1    
Illustration 1 g00668020
Make sure that the left hand threads in the end of the throttle shaft are clean. Thread Tool (A) into the throttle shaft. Tighten Tool (A) until the shoulder on Tool (A) bottoms out against the end of the throttle shaft.
Install throttle lever (1) on Tool (A) .Note: Throttle lever (1) and the tolerance ring should not be reused after being removed from the governor. A new 4P-3539 Throttle Lever and a new 4P-3537 Tolerance Ring are required. Apply a light machine oil to the bore of the throttle lever and the outside of the tolerance ring after the tolerance ring is seated on the throttle shaft. This will reduce the force that is required to press the throttle lever into position.
Install Tool (E) on Tool (A) and put Tool (F) in position.
Install thrust bearing (D), washer (C) and nut (B) on Tool (A) .Note: High idle screw (2) must be backed out all the way.Note: The governor fuel ratio control must be connected to a regulated air supply of 140 to 210 kPa (20 to 30 psi) during the adjusting procedure.
Increase the speed of the calibration bench to the "THROT LEV PRESS" rpm that is specified in the TMI.
Illustration 2 g00668244
Loosen screw (3) in the adjustable arm assembly. Use a 1U-7579 Hex Wrench to rotate the throttle shaft counterclockwise. Stop rotating the throttle shaft when the governor output is within the range for "THROT LEV PRESS" that is specified in the TMI.Note: Use a hex wrench to rotate the throttle shaft. Do not exceed a governor output of 0.0 mm (0.0 inch) when the throttle shaft is rotated. Before the throttle lever is pressed onto the throttle shaft, rotating the throttle shaft too far in the FUEL ON direction may cause the internal governor linkage to come loose from the pivot shaft linkage. If the internal governor linkage becomes disconnected, the governor will not pass the remainder of the adjusting procedure. The governor must be disassembled and the linkage must be reconnected. Refer to the Disassembly and Assembly section in this manual. Repeat this procedure beginning with Step 1, after the governor has been reassembled.
Illustration 3 g00668482
Use a hex wrench to tighten setscrew (3) on arm (E) while the throttle shaft is held in position. Tightening setscrew (3) will lock the throttle shaft in position.
Illustration 4 g00668541
Rotate the throttle shaft with two thumb screws (4). The two thumb screws will adjust the governor output to the final position. Keep both thumb screws tight against arm

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