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BLADE & EDGE GP-ANGLING 3967384 - Caterpillar

3967384 BLADE & EDGE GP-ANGLING Caterpillar parts D6T LGPPAT
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Caterpillar 3967384 BLADE & EDGE GP-ANGLING

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Table 1
Message    Description    
"Loading"     Continue to load the truck.    
"Fully Loaded"     The truck is fully loaded.    
"Last Pass"     An additional pass is required to load the truck fully.    The operator can access various parameters of payload via the Advisor menus at any time during the load cycle.Note: The last pass indicator works correctly in loading applications that require at least three passes of the loader. When a loader pass is used to spot the truck, a minimum of four loader passes are necessary for the last pass indicator to work.Whenever the physical configuration of the truck has been changed a manual calibration must be performed. The calibration procedure is performed when the truck is empty. The replacement of the suspension cylinders is an example of a condition that would require a manual calibration."Automatic recalibration" of a truck occurs when an empty truck has stopped. This calibration will compensate for conditions that can affect the empty weight of the truck. Carryback weight and fuel weight are two variable conditions that will affect the weight of an empty truck. Some parameters can be modified with the service tool in order to support a wide range of machine configurations. Information such as "total number of loads hauled" and "total weight hauled" can be displayed on the Advisor display. These totals can be reset by the operator via the Advisor display. For example, you can use this function to reset the totals prior to a change in operators during a work shift change.
Illustration 1 g01960314
Typical View of an External Payload Display (Scoreboard)The optional external payload scoreboard display (1) provides feedback to the loader operator during the loading operation. The scoreboard display provides the loader operator with a digital readout of the payload weight.Payload Monitor (Scoreboard Display)
Illustration 2 g02243117
Typical Scoreboard for Large Off-Highway TrucksThe payload scoreboard display is designed to operate with any standard VIMS or TPMS system to display the payload weight. The weight is derived from the truck payload system and is displayed in English tons or Metric tons. Typically two payload scoreboard displays are installed on the truck, on the right side and the left (cab) side.Reference System Operations, "Payload Monitor (Scoreboard)"Onboard Features of the TPMS
The features that are listed below are the onboard features of the TPMS.
Calculate information for the payload cycle from the recorded data. Record the calculated information for the payload cycle. The information for the following variables is recorded for each payload cycle. Carryback - The weight of stuck material. VIIMSTM 3G software allows carryback to be reported using the productivity detailed reports in VIMSpc. ID of the Operator - The identification number of the operator that had dumped the load for that payload cycle. The operator must enter this number via the Advisor keypad module. This identification number may also be used to identify the origin of the load.Loading Time - The amount of time that is required to load the truck Payload - The weight of the material

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