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BLADE A- 9W0409 - Caterpillar

9W0409 BLADE A- Caterpillar parts BLADE
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Caterpillar 9W0409 BLADE A-
Weight: 1 pounds 0 kg.

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Start By:a. remove pistons and connecting rod assemblies 1. Drain the coolant from the cooling system and cylinder block.2. Put covers on the crankshaft journals for protection from dirt and coolant.3. Remove the cylinder liner with tool (A). 4. Remove seals (1) and filler band (2) from the cylinder liner.Install Cylinder Liners
1. Install the gasket and spacer plate. See the topic, Install Spacer Plate.2. Clean the cylinder liners and liner bores in the cylinder block.3. Install the cylinder liners in the cylinder block without seals or bands. 4. Check the cylinder liner projection as follows:a. Install four bolts (6) and washers from tooling (A) around each cylinder liner as shown. Tighten bolts (6) evenly in four steps as follows:1st step - 14 N m (10 lb ft)2nd step - 35 N m (25 lb ft)3rd step - 70 N m (50 lb ft)4th step - 95 N m (70 lb ft)b. Install crossbar (4), plates (5) and bolts (3) from tooling (A). Be sure the crossbar is in position at the center of the liner and the liner surface is clean. Tighten bolts (3) evenly in four steps as follows:1st step - 7 N m (5 lb ft)2nd step - 20 N m (15 lb ft)3rd step - 35 N m (25 lb ft)4th step - 70 N m (50 lb ft)c. Check the distance from the bottom edge of crossbar (2) to the top edge of the spacer plate. The distance on each end of the crossbar must be the same.d. Check the liner projection with tool (B) at four locations around the liner. Liner projection must be 0.059 to 0.199 mm (.0023 to .0078 in). The difference between the four measurements on the same liner must not be more than 0.05 mm (.002 in). If the liner is turned in the cylinder block, it can make a difference in liner projection. 5. If the liner projection is not 0.059 to 0.199 mm (.0023 to .0078 in), check thickness of the following parts:a. Spacer plate (X): 12.313 0.025 mm (.4848 .0010 in).b. Spacer plate gasket (Y): 0.208 0.025 mm (.0082 .0010 in). [All surfaces must be clean and dry when gaskets are installed.]c. Cylinder liner flange (Z): 12.65 0.02 mm (.498 .001 in).6. Put an alignemtn mark on the cylinder liners and block so the liners can be installed in same position.7. Remove tooling (A) and tool (B). Remove the liner. 8. Put liquid soap on seals (1), grooves of the liner and the bore of the block. Install the seals on the cylinder liner.9. Put the filler band completely in clean engine oil for a moment. Install filler band (2) in the groove under the liner flange without delay. 10. Install the liner immediately after the filler band is installed before expansion of the band occurs. Make sure the alignment mark on liner is in alignment with the adjustment mark on the block. Use tooling (C) to push the liner

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