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BLOCK 3156728 - Caterpillar

3156728 BLOCK Caterpillar parts 770, 772 BLOCK
Alternative (cross code) number:
Caterpillar 3156728 BLOCK
Weight: 14 pounds 6 kg.

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Compatible equipment models: 3156728:

TRUCK  770   772   Caterpillar
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2. Remove two bolts (2) and remove inside door handle (3).3. Remove two bolts (4) and cover (5). 4. Remove bolts (6) that hold the latch to the door. 5. Pull latch (8) out of the door far enough to disconnect clip (7) from the linkage. Remove latch (8) from the linkage and door. 6. Turn the outside door handle and remove bolts (9) that hold the outside door handle and lock assembly in place. Remove outside door handle (10). 7. Remove lock assembly (11) from the door. 8. Remove striker (12) and shims from the cab frame. Install Cab Door Latch And Striker
1. Install shims (1) and striker (2) in the cab frame. 2. Put lock assembly (3) in position in the door. 3. Put outside door handle (4) in position and install bolts (5) that hold the outside door handle and lock assembly (3) in place. 4. Put clip (6) in position on the latch assembly and slide the linkage through the clip and latch assembly. Fasten clip (6) to the linkage. Slide latch assembly into place and install the two bolts that hold the latch assembly in place. 5. Install cover (8) on the door. 6. Put inside door handle (11) in place and install bolts (10) that hold it. 7. Put lock lever (9) in position and tighten the setscrew as shown.8. Make an adjustment to the cab door and striker as follows: a) Close the door. Adjust striker (2) so it is vertically on the center of the latch, engages the jaws smoothly and does not move the door up or down. Check for contact horizontally between the striker head and the rotors or latch back plate. There must be no contact. Add or remove shims (1) as necessary between the cab frame and striker.b) Check for both secondary and primary latch positions. Primary latch position - door is fully closed and latch is fully engaged. Secondary latch position - door latch is engaged but door is not fully closed. If the door can not be closed to the primary latch position, loosen the striker and adjust it outward until the door can be closed to the primary latch position. Tighten the striker. It can be necessary to make an adjustment of the door hinge to get the correct primary latch position or correct door seal pressure.c) Check the adjustment of the striker. Push slowly on the door near the latch until the latch engages the striker in the secondary position. Put more pressure on the door until the latch engages in the primary position.
It is possible to adjust the door so that it is fully closed against the seal with the latch in the secondary position. This is below standard (substandard) latch position, since the latch does not have as much strength in the secondary position, and must not be permitted. Adjust the door so it will close in the primary latch position. Excessive seal pressure will cause a higher torque load

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