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BLOCK 9W0116 - Caterpillar

9W0116 BLOCK Caterpillar parts 3406B BLOCK
Alternative (cross code) number:
Caterpillar 9W0116 BLOCK
Weight: 0.70 pounds 0 kg.

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Compatible equipment models: 9W0116:

TRUCK ENGINE  3406B   Caterpillar
Number on catalog scheme: 8
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Illustration 8 g02805217
(1) 7K-1181 Cable Strap (3) 247-4818 Position Sensor As (7) 345-5422 Plate (8) 345-5423 Plate (9) 356-6072 Harness As (12) 112-9118 Bolt (13) 266-3314 Bolt (17) 8T-4205 Hard Washer
Install the 345-5422 Plate (7) and the 345-5423 Plate (8) onto the lifting arm link. Secure the plates with two 266-3314 Bolts (13) and two 8T-4205 Hard Washers (17) for each plate.Refer to Illustration 7.Note: Resistance will be felt while the 266-3316 Bolts cut threads into the link. The maximum applied torque should not exceed 12 2 N m (9.0 1.5 lb ft).
Install 263-5417 Rocker Switch (4) per steps 14.a through 14.d.
Illustration 9 g02801457
(E) Switch Cover (F) 258-4001 Panel (LH)
Locate switch cover (E) which is part of the 258-4001 Panel (LH) (F). Remove switch cover (E) from the control panel. Refer to Illustration 9.Note: Switch cover (E) has provisions for four rocker switches. Use a thin blade screwdriver in order to release the locking tab on one side of the switch cover. Then, withdraw the switch cover from the panel.
Illustration 10 g02801460
(4) 263-5417 Rocker Switch (E) Switch Cover (G) Switch Location
Remove the 109-2356 Plug from Location G in the switch cover. Refer to Illustration 10.Then, install the 263-5417 Rocker Switch (4) in the switch cover at Location G. Note: Remove the plug by pushing the plug from the back of the switch cover.Note: Install the rocker switch by pushing the rocker switch into the opening in the switch cover. Insert the rocker switch from the front of the switch cover. Push the rocker switch until the locking tabs on the rocker switch are engaged.
Locate harness connector L-C10 on the 258-4101 Panel Harness As that is inside the 258-4001 Control Panel (LH) (F). Connect the harness connector to the back of the rocker switch.Note: Ensure that the configuration of the harness connector matches the configuration that is provided in Table 2.
Table 2
Position     Color     Wire Name    
1     Yellow     F905-L18    
2     Yellow     117-L146    
3     Black     200-L19    
4     Purple     614-L20    
Illustration 11 g02801467
(E) Switch Cover (4) 265-5417 Rocker Switch (F) 258-4001 Panel (LH)
Reinstall switch cover (E) into the 258-4001 Control Panel (LH) (F). Refer to Illustration 11.
Illustration 12 g02801418
(5) 344-7391 Pressure Sensor Gp (9) 356-6072 Harness As (15) 3J-1907 0-Ring Seal
Connect the 356-6072 Harness As (9) to the Cab Wiring GP. Refer to Illustration 12.Machine Configuration
The 345-4968 Self Level Kit is a premium feature that must be configured using the Caterpillar Electronic Technician (CAT ET).
Connect the CAT ET to the machine and select the proper "ECM".
From the menu select "Service" and then "Configuration".
In the configuration screen, double click on the "Desired Feature" link.
The CAT ET will bring up a password screen and display the required information to retrieve a password.

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