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BODY & CANOPY 4Z6792 - Caterpillar

4Z6792 BODY & CANOPY Caterpillar parts BODY
Alternative (cross code) number:
Caterpillar 4Z6792 BODY & CANOPY
Weight: 0.01 pounds 0 kg.

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Illustration 1 g03791938
Ball valve (1) Ball (2) Groove (3) No grooveAdaptable To: The new 442-0234 Ball Valve replaces the former 229-5272 Manual Valve Gp. Refer to Table 1 for the effectivity and adaptability of the new ball valve.
Table 1
Effectivity and Adaptability of the New Ball Valve    
Sales Model    Effectivity    Adaptability    
349D     S/N:JGB959-UP     S/N:JGB1-958    
S/N:WTD212-UP S/N:WTD1-211    
S/N:GKF329-UP S/N:GKF1-328    
S/N:NNF517-UP S/N:NNF1-516    
S/N:KLH219-UP S/N:KLH1-218    
S/N:MEN545-UP S/N:MEN1-544    
S/N:KHS145-UP S/N:KHS1-144    
349E     S/N:FJB190-UP     S/N:FJB1-189    
S/N:DGE355-UP S/N:DGE1-354    
S/N:FKF103-UP S/N:FKF1-102    
S/N:SPG209-UP S/N:SPG1-208    
S/N:TFG1099-UP S/N:TFG1-1098    
S/N:RGH171-UP S/N:RGH1-170    
S/N:KCN344-UP S/N:KCN1-343    
S/N:MZW220-UP S/N:MZW1-219    
S/N:KFX460-UP S/N:KFX1-459    
S/N:MPZ801-UP S/N:MPZ1-800    
S/N:WHZ143-UP S/N:WHZ1-142    
349F     S/N:KEA166-UP     S/N:KEA1-165    
S/N:HLB137-UP S/N:HLB1-136    
S/N:HPD103-UP S/N:HPD1-102    
374D     S/N:PJA158-UP     S/N:PJA1-157    
S/N:PAP353-UP S/N:PAP1-352    
S/N:PAS925-UP S/N:PAS1-924    
S/N:PAX456-UP S/N:PAX1-455    
374F     S/N:DNM206-UP     S/N:DNM1-205    
S/N:AP4233-UP S/N:AP41-232    
390D     S/N:WAG272-UP     S/N:WAG1-271    
S/N:BYP145-UP S/N:BYP1-144    
S/N:WAP602-UP S/N:WAP1-601    
S/N:WBT310-UP S/N:WBT1-309    
390F     S/N:MGF156-UP     S/N:MGF1-155    

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