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BOLT 0001351 - Caterpillar

0001351 BOLT Caterpillar parts 594H, 977L BOLT
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Caterpillar 0001351 BOLT

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TRACK LOADER  977L   Caterpillar
Number on catalog scheme: 14
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Personal injury can result from escaping fluid under pressure.If a pressure indication is shown on the indicator, push the release valve in order to relieve pressure before removing any hose from the radiator.
Check the coolant level in the cooling system. Refer to Operation and Maintenance Manual, "Cooling System Coolant Level - Check". If the coolant level is too low, air will get into the cooling system. Air in the cooling system will cause a reduction in coolant flow and bubbles in the coolant. Air bubbles cause a reduction in the cooling of engine parts.
Check the quality of the coolant. The coolant should have the following properties:
Color that is similar to new coolant
Odor that is similar to new coolant
Free from dirt and debrisIf the coolant does not have these properties, drain the system and flush the system. Refill the cooling system with the correct mixture of water, antifreeze, and coolant conditioner. Refer to Operation and Maintenance Manual, "Refill Capacities and Recommendations".
Check the coolant mixture of antifreeze, water, and conditioner. The mixture should be approximately half water and half antifreeze. The coolant conditioner should be approximately three percent of the total mixture. Refer to Operation and Maintenance Manual, "Refill Capacities and Recommendations". If the coolant mixture is incorrect, drain the cooling system and flush the cooling system. Refill the cooling system with the correct mixture of water and antifreeze.
Check for air in the cooling system. Air can enter the cooling system in different ways. The following items are some of the most common causes for air in the cooling system:
Filling the cooling system incorrectly
Combustion gas leakage into the cooling system
Loose hose clampCombustion gas can get into the system through the following conditions: inside cracks, damaged cylinder head and damaged cylinder head gasket. A loose hose clamp can allow air into the cooling system during the cooldown period. Air in the cooling system causes a reduction in the cooling capacity of the coolant. The following procedure can be used to purge air from the cooling system.
Fill the cooling system. Avoid filling the cooling system faster than 19 liters per minute.
Allow the filled cooling system to become level.
Remove the radiator cap and start the engine. Run the engine at low idle for two minutes.
Check the coolant level. Add coolant in order to fill the system, as needed.
Run the engine at low idle for 2 minutes while the radiator cap is removed. Then, slowly run the engine up to high idle. Run the engine at high idle for 2 minutes in order to reach a normal operating temperature.
Check the coolant level. As needed, add coolant in order to fill the system.
Repeat steps 4.e and 4.f until no air is left in the cooling system. Note: If the engine is equipped with a water cooled turbocharger, special care must be taken in order to remove the air from the turbocharger. If air is trapped in the turbocharger a hot spot will be created. A hot spot could cause failure of the turbocharger.
It may be

Caterpillar parts catalog:

Caterpillar parts catalog

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