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BRACKET AS 1694989 - Caterpillar

1694989 BRACKET AS Caterpillar parts G112, G320, G325B, MP15, P215, P360, S305, VHC-30, VHP-30, VHS-50, VPG-25, VRG-40/2, VRG30, VT30, VT50 BRACKET
Alternative (cross code) number:
Caterpillar 1694989 BRACKET AS
Weight: 352 pounds 160 kg.

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Compatible equipment models: 1694989:

CRUSHER  P360   VHC-30  
GRAPPLE-DEM/SORT  G320   G325B   VRG-40/2   VRG30  
SHEAR-DEMOLITION/SCRAP  S305   VHS-50   Caterpillar
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This instruction provides the necessary procedure for installing the enclosure for a radio in the Challenger 65C and Challenger 75C agriculture tractors. Instructions for radio installation is represented by a Type 1 (factory-installed, radio ready condition) and a Type 2 (dashboard adaption required) set of procedures.Do not perform any procedure, outlined in this publication, or order any parts until you read and understand the information contained within.
Structural damage, an overturn, modification, alteration, or improper repair can impair this structure's protection capability thereby voiding this certification. Do not weld on or drill holes in the structure. Consult a Caterpillar dealer to determine this structure's limitations without voiding its certification.
Reference: Operation and Maintenance Manuals, Parts Manuals, Service Manuals.Necessary Parts
A mounting collar comes with the radio, and is to be installed into the headliner if not done at the factory (Type 2). The following installation procedure provides necessary instructions for Type 2. 1. Insert the mounting collar (1) into the headliner opening and bend the mounting springs (2) by means of a screwdriver. Bend mounting tabs (3) at top and bottom to secure collar in place with screwdriver. Do not distort collar when installing, doing so will make radio installation more difficult. If collar does not slide into opening with moderate force, use a file on the plastic at the locations where bending is occurring. This will help make the installation easier and prevent possible cracking of the headliner mounting hole.Installation Procedure (Applies to both Type 1 and Type 2)
The radio (1) is supported by means of a half-length mounting collar (2) at the front and an angle support (3) with a rubber cone (4) at the rear. 1. Remove the right hand speaker grill and speaker (1). This is necessary in order to guide the rear of the radio into the angle. If this is not done, you may run the risk of separating the angle retainer (2) from the headliner (3) due to cone pressure on the angle.2. Install cone (5) in radio kit onto stud on the back of the radio.3. Connect the wire harness (6) and radio antenna (7).4. Begin to slide the radio into the mounting collar (4) and reach through the speaker hole to line up the cone (5) with 104-4302 Angle (2). Wiring must be routed behind the angle (2) so the wiring does not interfere with the cone (5) during radio installation.5. Once the cone is started in the angle, complete sliding the radio into the mounting collar until it snaps (distinct audible click) into place. Confirm radio is latched. Do not use excessive force during installation, or breakage of the headliner plastic could result.6. Connect and Install RH speaker. The two dismounting pins (1) included in the radio kit can be used to remove the radio.

Caterpillar parts catalog:

Caterpillar parts catalog
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G112 G115 G125 G140 Mechanical Grapple ADN00001-UP (MACHINE)
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VHC-30, VHC-40, VHC-50 & VHC-60 Hydraulic Crushers WPA00001-UP (MACHINE)
VHP-30, VHP-40 & VHP-50 Hydraulic Pulverizers W3C00001-UP (MACHINE)
P315, P325, P335 & P360 Hydraulic Crushers WPL00001-UP (MACHINE)
P215, P225 & P235 Hydraulic Pulverizers W2G00001-UP (MACHINE)
G310B, G315B, G320B & G325B Demolition & Sorting Grapples CZG00001-UP (MACHINE)
VRG-20/2, VRG-25/2, VRG-30/2 & VRG-40/2 Demolition & Sorting Grapples FEC00001-UP (MACHINE)

Parts bracket Caterpillar catalog:

G112, G320, MP15, P360, S305, VHC-30, VHS-50, VPG-25, VRG30, VT30, VT50
G112, P115, S115, VPC-30, VPG-25, VPS-35
1695319 BRACKET AS
G112, G320, MP15, P215, P360, S305, VHC-30, VHP-30, VHS-50, VPG-25, VRG30, VT30, VT50
1695315 BRACKET AS
G112, G320, MP15, S305, VHS-50, VRG30, VT50
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