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BRACKET AS 1694991 - Caterpillar

1694991 BRACKET AS Caterpillar parts G112, G320, G325B, MP15, P215, P360, S305, VHC-30, VHP-30, VHS-50, VPG-25, VRG-40/2, VRG30, VT30, VT50 BRACKET
Alternative (cross code) number:
Caterpillar 1694991 BRACKET AS
Weight: 519 pounds 235 kg.

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Compatible equipment models: 1694991:

CRUSHER  P360   VHC-30  
GRAPPLE-DEM/SORT  G320   G325B   VRG-40/2   VRG30  
SHEAR-DEMOLITION/SCRAP  S305   VHS-50   Caterpillar
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Illustration 17. Removing The Wire From A Receptacle.4. With the wedge removed, place the 147-6456 Wedge Removal Tool against the terminal locking finger. Push the finger away from the terminal while gently pulling the wire out of the connector.HD Style Terminal Removal
Terminals should be removed from the HD style connectors using the 151-6320 Pin/Socket Removal Tool. This method works on both the HD style receptacle and plug.
Illustration 18. Removing Terminals Using The 151-6320 Pin/Socket Removal Tool.1. Insert the tool into the housing around the wire.2. Firmly push the removal tool inward until it disengages the terminal locking fingers.3. Remove the terminal, wire, and removal tool together from the connector body.Terminal Crimp Procedure
To ensure proper electrical performance, terminals must be crimped using the 1U-5804 Crimping Tool and the following procedure. DO NOT solder the wires into the terminals.1. Cut the end of the wire square and clean.
Illustration 19. Typical Terminal. (N) Crimp Barrel Length.(M) Inspection Hole.2. Strip 6.4 to 7.0 mm (.25 to .31 in) of insulation from the wire being careful not to cut or nick the copper wire strands. A properly stripped wire will bottom out in the terminal with the insulation 1.5 mm (.06 in) from the end of the terminal. On the socket terminal, the wire is inserted into the end with inspection hole (M).
Illustration 20. 1U-5804 Crimp Tool. (G) Wire Selector Gauge.(H) Lock Clip.(J) Selector Knob.3. Make sure the wire selector gauge (G, Illustration 20) on 1U-5804 Crimp Tool is set to the wire size being crimped. If the wire selector gauge is properly set, proceed to Step 4. If the selector gauge setting does not match the wire size being crimped, proceed as follows:a. Remove lock clip (H).b. Raise selector knob (J) and rotate it until the arrow is aligned with the wire size to be crimped.c. Lower the selector knob and insert the lock clip.
Illustration 21. Adjust The Crimp Tool. (K) Locknut.(L) Adjusting Screw. 4. Loosen locknut (K) and turn adjusting screw (L) in until it stops.
Illustration 22. Insert Terminal (6) Into Crimping Tool. (K) Locknut.(L) Adjusting Screw. 5. Insert terminal (6) and turn adjusting screw (L) until the wire/crimp end of the terminal is flush with the tool face. Tighten locknut (K).
Illustration 23. Wire/Crimp End Of Terminal Is Flush With Tool Face.6. Insert the wire into the terminal (the terminal must be centered between crimp fingers). Make sure that all wire strands are in the crimp barrel.
Illustration 24. Center The Terminal Between The Crimp Fingers.7. Crimp the wire in the terminal by squeezing the handles of the crimp tool together until the handle hits the stop and automatically releases.8. Remove the crimped terminal.9. Inspect the terminal to make sure that all wire strands are in the crimped barrel and that the crimp indent falls in the center of the terminal crimp barrel.
Illustration 25. Inspect The Terminal. Good Quality Crimp, Correctly Positioned.
Illustration 26. Bad Crimp (Not Centered On Length Of Pin).Terminal Insertion
1. Grasp the wire approximately 25 mm (1.0 in) from the

Caterpillar parts catalog:

Caterpillar parts catalog
MP15, MP20, MP30 & MP40 Multi-Processors ABR00001-UP (MACHINE)
G112 G115 G125 G140 Mechanical Grapple ADN00001-UP (MACHINE)
G315, G320 & G330 Demolition & Sorting Grapples AFA00001-UP (MACHINE)
S305, S320, S325, S340, S365 & S390 Demolition & Scrap Shears BRD00001-UP (MACHINE)
Demolition and Sorting Grapple CAK00001-UP (MACHINE)
VHS10, VHS30, VHS40, VHS50, VHS60 & VHS70 Demolition & Scrap Shears BBS00001-UP (MACHINE)
VT30, VT40, VT50 & VT60 Multi-Processors AJY00001-UP (MACHINE)
VPG-25, VPG-35, VPG-45 and VPG-55 Mechanical Grapple CHK00001-UP (MACHINE)
MP15, MP20, MP30 & MP40 Multi-Processors M2W00001-UP (MACHINE)
VT-30, VT-40, VT-50 & VT-60 Multi-Processors P2W00001-UP (MACHINE)
VHC-30, VHC-40, VHC-50 & VHC-60 Hydraulic Crushers WPA00001-UP (MACHINE)
VHP-30, VHP-40 & VHP-50 Hydraulic Pulverizers W3C00001-UP (MACHINE)
P315, P325, P335 & P360 Hydraulic Crushers WPL00001-UP (MACHINE)
P215, P225 & P235 Hydraulic Pulverizers W2G00001-UP (MACHINE)
G310B, G315B, G320B & G325B Demolition & Sorting Grapples CZG00001-UP (MACHINE)
VRG-20/2, VRG-25/2, VRG-30/2 & VRG-40/2 Demolition & Sorting Grapples FEC00001-UP (MACHINE)

Parts bracket Caterpillar catalog:

G112, G320, MP15, P360, S305, VHC-30, VHS-50, VPG-25, VRG30, VT30, VT50
G112, P115, S115, VPC-30, VPG-25, VPS-35
1695319 BRACKET AS
G112, G320, MP15, P215, P360, S305, VHC-30, VHP-30, VHS-50, VPG-25, VRG30, VT30, VT50
1695315 BRACKET AS
G112, G320, MP15, S305, VHS-50, VRG30, VT50
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