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BRACKET AS 1695319 - Caterpillar

1695319 BRACKET AS Caterpillar parts G112, G320, MP15, P215, P360, S305, VHC-30, VHP-30, VHS-50, VPG-25, VRG30, VT30, VT50 BRACKET
Alternative (cross code) number:
Caterpillar 1695319 BRACKET AS
Weight: 661 pounds 299 kg.

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703891 Woodruff Keys 2 Pack OEM Replacement for Craftsman

23 Feb 2022

US: Southye
703891 Woodruff Keys 2 Pack OEM Replacement for Craftsman
Southyearn Compatible with the following: 1695539, 1695557, 1695558, 1695339-966D, LP1695444-726E, 1695506, 1695507, 1695540, 1695541, 1695340-1171, LP1695441-928E, 1695425, 1695459, 1695427, 1695361, 626752x16B, 1695362, 6271200x113A, 1695372, 1695382, 6271200x85, 6271270x85, 6271200x110, 6240810x110, 6240810x85, 624650x16B, 1695319, 1695339, 1695320, 1695321, 1695340, 1695323, 1695341, 1695322, 624555X110B, 624555x61A, 624555X85B
Oregon 15-014, Belt, Drive Murray 579932

07 Mar 2022
0.2[0.09] Pounds
US: Mow The Lawn
Oregon 15-014, Belt, Drive Murray 579932
Oregon Includes (1) 15-014 Drive Belt. || New, Bulk Packed. || Genuine OEM Oregon Replacement Part. || Consult owners manual for proper part number identification and proper installation. || Please refer to list for compatibility.
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Compatible equipment models: 1695319:

CRUSHER  P360   VHC-30  
SHEAR-DEMOLITION/SCRAP  S305   VHS-50   Caterpillar


9Y8884 Lines Group .. Air (Required Parts Replacement)
6Y5485 Torque Converter Group .. (With Clutch) (Required Parts Replacement)
The following parts are REQUIRED to install the torque converter to the 4W7641 Adapter Group .. Flywheel Housing:
The 7T2055 Ring is a critical part. Failure to install the 7T2055 Ring will cause power train impact loading to the engine's crankshaft.
4W7641 Adapter Group .. Flywheel Housing (Optional Parts Replacement)
9Y8919 Exhaust Arrangement ... Muffler (Recommended Parts Replacement)
The 9Y8919 Exhaust Arrangement is part of the 9Y8917 Muffler Group The following is part of the 9Y8893 Muffler Group 9Y8887 Piping Group ... Exhaust (Replace Parts as Required)
9Y8888 Piping Group ... Exhaust (Required Parts Replacement)
4W6634 Starting Motor Group (Optional Parts Replacement)
8X0224 Control Group .. Air Starting (Optional Parts Replacement)
9Y8923 Regulator Group .. Aftercooler (Required Parts Replacement)
9Y8889 Lines Group .. Water (Required Parts Replacement)
8X2798 Starting Aid Group .. Ether (Required Parts Installation)
The engine wiring harness and related hardware are included in the Machine Wiring.8X0234 Lines Group .. Brake Oil Cooler (Required Parts Replacement)
8X0228 Cowling Group (Replace Parts as Required)
Inspect the rubber baffles in the cowling and replace if damaged. The baffles are important in maintaining optimum air flow through the radiator. 9Y8883 Fan Group .. Suction (Replace Parts as Required)
Inspect the 4P8725 Spider Assembly (Fan) for:* Loose or missing rivets .. and/or* Damaged blades.Replace if REQUIREDInspect the 6I0725 Guard Assembly (Fan) for:* Broken and/or separated weldments .. and* Broken wiresReplace if REQUIRED 9Y8886 Radiator Group (Optional Parts Replacement)
Inspect for:* Coolant leaks* Plugged cores* Cracked side channelsReplace as REQUIRED 9Y8885 Radiator Group (Required Parts Replacement)
7E5835 Cover Group .. Protection (Filler Cap) (Required Parts Replacement)
9Y8918 Tank Group .. Expansion (Required Parts Replacement)
9Y9559 Lines Group .. Water (Expansion Tank) (Required Parts Replacement)
Update Option
The following is an update option to correct tube interference with fan guard and improve tube service life 8X0271 Lighting and Wiring Group
The engine electrical wiring harness, sensors, senders, switches and attachment componets are part of the machine's 8X0271 Lighting and Wiring Group.Required parts Replacement
Preparing the Engine For Shipment to the Factory
If the engine or the block is to be used for a core credit, refer to:* SELD0164 .. Core Acceptance Criteria .. andFollow the recommended procedures to prepare the engine for shipment to the factory and to ensure maximum core credit. The engine coolant MUST be drained from the engine.Remove the quick drain hoses and fittings from the:* Engine cylinder block* Engine oil cooler .. and* Engine water pump(s) The drain points may need to be cleared of any restrictions (scale/sludge) to ensure complete purging of the coolant.

Caterpillar parts catalog:

Caterpillar parts catalog
MP15, MP20, MP30 & MP40 Multi-Processors ABR00001-UP (MACHINE)
G112 G115 G125 G140 Mechanical Grapple ADN00001-UP (MACHINE)
G315, G320 & G330 Demolition & Sorting Grapples AFA00001-UP (MACHINE)
S305, S320, S325, S340, S365 & S390 Demolition & Scrap Shears BRD00001-UP (MACHINE)
Demolition and Sorting Grapple CAK00001-UP (MACHINE)
VHS10, VHS30, VHS40, VHS50, VHS60 & VHS70 Demolition & Scrap Shears BBS00001-UP (MACHINE)
VT30, VT40, VT50 & VT60 Multi-Processors AJY00001-UP (MACHINE)
VPG-25, VPG-35, VPG-45 and VPG-55 Mechanical Grapple CHK00001-UP (MACHINE)
MP15, MP20, MP30 & MP40 Multi-Processors M2W00001-UP (MACHINE)
VT-30, VT-40, VT-50 & VT-60 Multi-Processors P2W00001-UP (MACHINE)
VHC-30, VHC-40, VHC-50 & VHC-60 Hydraulic Crushers WPA00001-UP (MACHINE)
VHP-30, VHP-40 & VHP-50 Hydraulic Pulverizers W3C00001-UP (MACHINE)
P315, P325, P335 & P360 Hydraulic Crushers WPL00001-UP (MACHINE)
P215, P225 & P235 Hydraulic Pulverizers W2G00001-UP (MACHINE)

Parts bracket Caterpillar catalog:

MP15, P360, S305, S365B, S365C, VHC-30, VHS-50, VHS-60/3, VT30, VT50
G112, G320, MP15, S305, S365B, VHS-50, VPG-25, VRG30, VT50
330C, G320, MP15, P360, S305, VHC-30, VHS-50, VRG30, VT50
MP15, P360, S305, VHC-30, VHS-50, VT30, VT50
3360801 BRACKET AS
MP15, S305, VHS-50, VT50
1693091 BRACKET AS
G112, P115, S115, VPC-30, VPG-25, VPS-35
2258719 BRACKET AS
G112, G315B, G325B, MP15, MP318, P215, P360, VHC-30, VHP-30, VPG-25, VRG-40/2, VT30
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