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BRACKET-SWITCH 1695385 - Caterpillar

1695385 BRACKET-SWITCH Caterpillar parts 3508, 3508B, 3508C, 3512, 3512B, 3512C, 3516, 3516B, C15, C18, C27, C32, G3412, G3508, G3512, G3512E, G3516, G3516B, G3516C, G3516E, G3520C, G3520E, PM3508, PM3512, PM3516, PMG3516, PP3516, SR4B BRACKET
Alternative (cross code) number:
Caterpillar 1695385 BRACKET-SWITCH
Weight: 2 pounds 0 kg.

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palart SNOWBLOWER Wheel Traction Drive Lower Cable FITS for Murray 1501122MA 313449 5645

29 Apr 2021

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palart SNOWBLOWER Wheel Traction Drive Lower Cable FITS for Murray 1501122MA 313449 5645
palart Replaces Murray Part Numbers: 1501122MA, 313449MA, 5645,1501122 || Specifications: Length: 13. Z-Bend on both end || Fits Murray Snowblowers: 1695539, 1695557, 1695558, LP1695444-726E, 1695488, 1695489, 1695506, 1695507, 1695555, 1695559, 1695560, 1695540, 1695541, 1695566, LP1695441-928E, 1695561, 1695565, 6210530X37NB, 6210540X37NB, 1695339, 1695425, 1695459, 1695361, 1695374, 626752x16B, 6271200x110, 1695375, 1695362, 1695372, 6271200x113A, 1695363, 1695383, 1695382, 6271200x85, 1695364, 1695385, 6271201x85A, 1695365, 1695430, 1695373, 6271270x85, 6271271x85, 1695427, 6240810x110, 6240810x85, 624650x16B, 16 || 6291590X110, 1695323, 1695322, 1695384, 624555X110B, 627851X85B, 629101X85B, 624555x61A, 624555X85B, 1695000, 624555x85A, 627852X85B, 1695053, 624808x4F, 624650X16A, 536.88165, 6210540x83NA, C950-52419-2, 1695070, 624554x16A, C950-52429-1, 626752X16A, 624555x110A, 626750x16C, 624555x54A, 627855X110A, 1694998 1694999, 1694997, 1695505, ML761650, ML761650, MM691150, 624808X4C, 624808X4E, 624808X4NA, 627804X6C, 1696154-00 || Please look-up and verify this part number for your snowblower before ordering
Number on catalog scheme: 7
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Compatible equipment models: 1695385:

GAS ENGINE  G3412   G3508   G3512   G3516  
GENERATOR SET  3508   3508B   3508C   3512   3512B   3512C   3516   3516B   C15   C32   G3508   G3512   G3512E   G3516   G3516B   G3516C   G3516E   G3520C   G3520E  
PETROLEUM GEN SET  C18   C27   C32  
POWER MODULE  PM3508   PM3512   PM3516   PMG3516   PP3516   Caterpillar


Integrated Toolcarrier:
IT62G Series II (S/N: AYA1-UP)
Wheel Loader:
950G Series II (S/N: BAA1-UP; AYB1-UP; AYD1-UP; AYL1-UP; AXR1-UP; AYS1-UP; AXX1-UP)
950G (S/N: 2JS1-UP; 4BS1-UP; 6NS1-UP; 3JW1-UP; 5FW1-UP; 5MW1-UP; 8JW1-UP)
962G Series II (S/N: BAB1-UP; BAC1-UP; BAD1-UP; AYE1-UP; AYG1-UP; AXS1-UP; AXY1-UP)
962G (S/N: BDP1-UP; 3BS1-UP; 5AS1-UP; 5RS1-UP; 4PW1-UP; 6EW1-UP; 6HW1-UP; 7BW1-UP)
Description of Change: A new transmission breather is now used on certain Medium Wheel Loaders. The new, larger transmission breather provides better ventilation and filter media in order to reduce leakages.Adaptable To: The 9C-4937 Breather As, the 4F-0186 Pipe Nipple, and the 030-8370 Pipe Adapter are direct replacements for the 9G-5127 Breather As. The new breather is effective with the 950G Series II (S/N: AXR315-UP; AXX1132-1132; AXX1136-1137; AXX1139-UP; AYB899-UP; AYL1748-UP; BAA829-837; BAA839-UP), the 962 Series II (S/N: AXS380-UP; AXY373-UP; AYE620-UP; BAB603-604; BAB608-609; BAB616-UP; BAD384-UP), and the IT62G (S/N: AYA245-UP). The breather is adaptable to first production of the machines that are listed above.

Cat SIS web machinery list:

Caterpillar parts catalog
3512B Generator Set 9G500001-UP
3512B Generator Set 9G800001-UP
3512C Generator Set 9H200001-UP
3512 Generator Set PLA00001-UP
3512 Generator Set PLJ00001-UP
3512B Generator Set PK200001-UP
3512B Generator Set 7TN00001-UP
3512C Generator Set PFP00001-UP
3512C Generator Set PNN00001-UP
3512B Generator Set PPA00001-UP
3512B Generator Set PPE00001-UP
3512C Generator Set PPL00001-UP
3516B Generator Set PYL00001-UP
3516B Generator Set PWL00001-UP
G3516C Generator Set NWD00001-UP
G3516C Generator Set NWE00001-UP
G3516C Generator Set NWF00001-UP
G3512E Generator Set NWC00001-UP
G3516E Generator Set NWG00001-UP
G3516C Generator Set F6M00001-UP
PM3512 Power Module TC800001-UP
G3516C Generator Set NG600001-UP
G3516C Generator Set N6R00001-UP
3512B Generator Set LY800001-UP
3516B Generator Set FF200001-UP
G3516B Generator Set E6T00001-UP
G3412 Engine 7DB00001-UP
G3516 Engine Electronic Ignition System 4EK00001-UP
G3512 ENGINE 7NJ00001-UP
G3508 Engine Electronic Ignition System 9TG00001-UP
G3412 Engine 6ZM00001-UP
SR4B Four-Pole Generators 1BN00001-UP
3512 Generator Set Engine 24Z04366-UP
3508B Generator Set 5KW00001-UP
3512B Generator Set 6GW00001-UP
3508 Generator Set 5PW00001-UP
3512 Generator Set 6WW00001-UP
SR4B Six-Pole Generators 6ZZ00001-UP
PM3516 Power Module BPD00001-UP
PM3508 Power Module BLM00001-UP
PM3512 Power Module BNR00001-UP
PM3508 Power Module BPY00001-UP
PM3512 Power Module BRF00001-UP
PM3516 Power Module CAC00001-UP
3508B Generator Set CNB00001-UP
3512B Generator Set CMC00001-UP
3516B Generator Set FDN00001-UP
3508 Generator Set CNF00001-UP
3512 Generator Set CMJ00001-UP
3516 Generator Set CMD00001-UP
3508B Generator Set BGX00001-UP
3512B Generator Set BLF00001-UP
3516B Generator Set BMB00001-UP
3516B Generator Set BPJ00001-UP
3512B Generator Set BRK00001-UP
3516 Generator Set CAL00001-UP
3512 Generator Set FDR00001-UP
3508 Generator Set CAW00001-UP
3516B Generator Set CPA00001-UP
G3516 Generator Set CSZ00001-UP
G3516B Generator Set CSC00001-UP
G3508 Generator Set CPY00001-UP
G3512 Generator Set CSP00001-UP
G3508 Generator Set CPJ00001-UP
G3512 Generator Set CRN00001-UP
G3508 Generator Set CPS00001-UP
G3516B Power Module CFD00001-UP
3516 Generator Set Oil Field Land Rig PTD00001-UP
3512B Generator Set Oil Field Land Rig PTF00001-UP
3512 Generator Set Oil Field Land Rig PTG00001-UP
3512 Generator Set Oil Field Land Rig PTH00001-UP
3508B Generator Set Oil Field Land Rig PTJ00001-UP
3508 Generator Set Oil Field Land Rig PTK00001-UP
3516B Generator Set PBR00001-UP
3512B Generator Set Oil Field Land Rig PTM00001-UP
3508B Generator Set Oil Field Land Rig PTN00001-UP
G3516B Generator Set CME00001-UP
G3520C Generator Set CWW00001-UP
G3520C Generator Set CWY00001-UP
PP3516 Power Package PPS00001-UP
G3512E Generator Set SSR00001-UP
G3516C Generator Set TJB00001-UP
G3516 Generator Set ZAZ00001-UP
G3516 Generator Set ZBA00001-UP
G3516B Generator Set ZBB00001-UP
G3516B Generator Set ZBC00001-UP
G3516C Generator Set GZZ00001-UP
G3520C Generator Set GZN00001-UP
G3520C Generator Set GZM00001-UP
G3520C Generator Set GZL00001-UP
G3520C Generator Set GZK00001-UP
G3520C Generator Set GZJ00001-UP
G3520E Generator Set GZH00001-UP
G3520E Generator Set GZG00001-UP
G3516E Generator Set GAS00001-UP
3516B Generator Set GZS00001-UP
3516 Generator Set GZR00001-UP
3516B Generator Set GZY00001-UP
3516B Generator Set GAR00001-UP
3516 Generator Set GZX00001-UP
3516B Generator Set GZT00001-UP
3516B Generator Set Oil Field Land Rig LEK00001-UP
3516 Generator Set Oil Field Land Rig RKT00001-UP
G3516E Generator Set SLY00001-UP
G3520E Generator Set HAL00001-UP
G3520C Generator Set MAD00001-UP
G3520C Generator Set HAT00001-UP
C32 Generator Set SXC00001-UP
3512C Generator Set RMS00001-UP
G3520C Generator Set LGS00001-UP
G3520C Generator Set RLP00001-UP
C15 Petroleum Generator Set PEC00001-UP
C18 Generator Set 18800001-UP
C32 50Hz Petroleum Generator Set PEK00001-UP POWERED BY C32 PET GENSET PETROLEUM
C32 Petroleum Generator Set 13200001-UP
3516B Generator Set YAT00001-UP
3516B Generator Set YAW00001-UP
G3520C Generator Set GZA00001-UP
G3520C Generator Set GZB00001-UP
G3516C Generator Set GZC00001-UP
G3520E Gas Generator Set GZE00001-UP
3512C Generator Set LLT00001-UP
PM3516 3516B Power Module NBR00001-UP
G3516B Power Module KAD00001-UP
3512 Generator Set LDB00001-UP
3512B Generator Set LDE00001-UP
3512B Generator Set LDF00001-UP
3512C Generator Set LDJ00001-UP
C27 Petroleum Generator Set EGG00001-UP
C27 Petroleum Generator Set 12700001-UP
3512 Generator Set LDC00001-UP
3512C Generator Set LDK00001-UP
G3516 Gas Generator Set E6N00001-UP
3512B Generator Set ED800001-UP
3512B Generator Set ED500001-UP
3516B Generator Set EDG00001-UP
3516B Generator Set EDP00001-UP
3516 Generator Set LD500001-UP
3516B Generator Set LD400001-UP
G3516 Gas Generator Set E6Y00001-UP
G3516 Generator Set E6R00001-UP
G3516 Gas Generator Set E6W00001-UP
3508 Generator Set LD200001-UP
3508B Petroleum Generator Set LD300001-UP
G3512 Gas Generator Set E2C00001-UP
G3508 Gas Generator Set E8A00001-UP
3516B Generator Set YBT00001-UP
3516B Generator Set PDR00001-UP
G3516 Generator Set L6A00001-UP
G3516 Generator Set SB300001-UP
SR4B Four-Pole Generators 1BN00001-UP

Parts bracket Caterpillar catalog:

153, 235, 235B, 235C, 235D, 245, 245B, 245D, 3508, 3508B, 3512, 3512B, 3512C, 3516, 3516B, 3516C, 3606, 3608, 3612, 3616, 3618, 572G, 578, 627B, 65, 65C, 65E, 75C, 75D, 75E, 776D, 777D, 797, 797B, 797...
225, 3208, 3304, 3306, 3406B, 3408, 3412, 3508, 3512, 3512B, 3512C, 3516, 3516B, 3516C, 3606, 3608, 3612, 3616, 561D, 621, 621B, 621E, 621F, 621G, 621R, 623B, 623E, 623F, 623G, 627B, 627E, 627F, 627G,...
3306B, 3406C, 3406E, 3412, 3412C, 3456, 3508, 3508B, 3512, 3512B, 3516, 3516B, C1.5, C15, C18, C2.2, C3.3, C4.4, C6.6, C7.1, C9
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