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BRACKET 1C4034 - Caterpillar

1C4034 BRACKET Caterpillar parts BRACKET
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Caterpillar 1C4034 BRACKET
Weight: 1 pounds 0 kg.

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Guide bushing (19 or 20) must be used to make sure the reamer is properly centered in the hole and to prevent cutting the injector sleeve too deeply. If the reaming procedure is not done correctly, the injector sleeve must be removed and replaced.
(9) Reamer assembly. (19 or 20) Guide bushing.26. Apply a generous amount of clean grease to the cutting area of reamer assembly (9). This will not only lubricate the reamer assembly, but it will help to retain the cutting chips from the reaming process and keep them from falling down on top of the piston.27. Insert reamer assembly (10) into guide bushing (13).
For correct sealing of combustion gas, the injector seat must be free of machining chatter and scratches.
28. Using a 1U-7153 Speed Handle, with light, but even, pressure, turn reamer assembly (9) in the clockwise (CW) direction. (The reamer assembly will cut aggressively.)Check cutting progress often. Stop cutting when the injector seat is full faced or when the shoulder of reamer assembly (9) comes in contact with the guide bushing.If the injector seat does not machine to a 360 degree full face as required, the injector sleeve must be removed. Install another new injector sleeve and repeat the reaming procedure. It is best to stop cutting immediately when the seat is full face, so only the minimum amount of material is removed. It helps to retain as much material as possible, in the event that a future reaming procedure is necessary. Maximum reamer depth occurs when shoulder of the reamer assembly contacts guide bushing.
Do not resharpen the reamer head of reamer assembly (9). If the reamer becomes dull, order a replacement 4C-5564 Reamer Head. The reamer head is precision machined and resharpening will cause an improperly reamed injector seat. This will result in combustion gas leaks between the injector and injector sleeve.
29. Remove any lubricants (grease) or copper particles that may be in or on the injector sleeve. Be sure to thoroughly clean the cylinder head fuel gallery.30. Turn the engine crankshaft to put the piston back to the top center (TC) position. Remove the O-ring seals that were installed on the valve stems.31. Reinstall the valve springs, retainers, and locks, if removed. Make adjustments as necessary. Install the unit injector(s).32. Install all other parts that were removed from the engine. Make any adjustments that may be necessary.Refer to the Service Manual for the injector and rocker arm assembly installation procedure. Also follow the fuel system testing and adjusting procedures.Removing Upper Portion of Injector Sleeve
Use the following procedure if the threads in the

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