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3534217 BRACKET AS Caterpillar parts 993K BRACKET
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Caterpillar 3534217 BRACKET AS

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WHEEL LOADER  993K   Caterpillar
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Gasket material stuck to filter housing.There are currently two designs for retaining the air filter housing on the air inlet pipe casting.
Type 1. The secondary filter element retaining studs are part of the secondary filter element and also fasten the air filter housing to the inlet pipe casting. If the secondary element is removed, the sealing surface of the filter housing is free of obstacles for easy cleaning.
Type 2. The secondary filter mounting studs are screwed into the inlet pipe casting. Two separate bolts keep the air filter housing fastened to the inlet pipe casting when the secondary filter is removed. When the secondary element is removed, the sealing surface in the housing will still have the studs and the two bolts in the area.
Tighten the retaining nuts for the secondary filter to a torque of 27 4 N m (20 3 lb ft). Soot can plug an air filter element very quickly. If soot entry is suspected, change the air filter element as soon as possible. Plugged air cleaner elements can cause abnormally high exhaust temperatures, and oil leakage past the turbocharger seals and cylinder head valve guides.If the air cleaner elements look dirty and the "Air Filter Plugged" indicator has not tripped, remove the indicator and use a vacuum source to check the indicator for correct latching operation. If the indicator operates correctly with the vacuum source, remove the 7M1674 Filter (spun wire) that is just under the indicator (or at the origin of the vacuum sensing line if a remote indicator is used). Check for dirt plugging the 1/8 inch orifice immediately below the filter. If the orifice is clean, replace the 7M1674 Filter. If the orifice is dirty, use an 1/8 inch drill to clean the orifice. Be sure to catch any dirt that is removed by the drill.
For additional information, see Guideline For Reusable Part, "Procedure To Inspect And Clean Air Filter," SEBF8062.

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