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BRACKET AS 3843514 - Caterpillar

3843514 BRACKET AS Caterpillar parts 994H
Alternative (cross code) number:
Caterpillar 3843514 BRACKET AS
Weight: 4 pounds 1 kg.

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Compatible equipment models: 3843514:

WHEEL LOADER  994H   Caterpillar
Number on catalog scheme: 12
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Electrical System
Never disconnect any charging unit circuit or battery circuit cable from the battery when the charging unit is operating. A spark can cause the flammable vapor mixture of hydrogen and oxygen to explode.Grounding Practices
Proper grounding for engine electrical systems is necessary for proper engine performance and reliability. Improper grounding will result in uncontrolled and unreliable electrical circuit paths.Uncontrolled engine electrical circuit paths can result in damage to main bearings, crankshaft journal surfaces and aluminum components. Uncontrolled electrical circuit paths can also cause electrical noise which may degrade vehicle and radio performance.Engines installed without engine-to-frame ground straps can be damaged by electrical discharge. To prevent electrical discharge damage, check to make sure the engine's electrical system has an engine-to-frame ground strap. For engines which have the alternator connected to an engine component, the ground strap must connect that component to the frame.Some engines have starter-to-frame ground straps. But many of these starters are not electrically grounded to the engine. They have electrical insulation systems. For this reason, the starter-to-frame ground strap may not be an acceptable engine ground.To insure proper functioning of the engine electrical systems, an engine-to-frame ground strap with a direct path to the battery must be used. This may be provided by way of a starting motor ground, a frame to starting motor ground, or a direct frame to engine ground.All grounds should be tight and free of corrosion. The engine alternator must be battery (-) grounded with a wire size adequate to handle full alternator charging current. The engine comes equipped with an alternator ground wire.Fire Extinguisher
Have a fire extinguisher available and know how to use it. Inspect and have it serviced as recommended on its instruction plate.Crushing or Cutting Prevention
Support equipment and attachments properly when working beneath them.Never attempt adjustments while the engine is running unless otherwise specified in this manual.Stay clear of all rotating and moving parts. Guards should be in place whenever maintenance is not being performed.Keep objects away from moving fan blades. They will throw or cut any object or tool that falls or is pushed into them.Wear protective glasses when striking objects to avoid injury to your eyes.Chips or other debris can fly off objects when struck. Make sure no one can be injured by flying debris before striking any object.Mounting and Dismounting
Do not climb on, or jump off the engine or stand on components which cannot support your weight. Use an adequate ladder. Always use steps and handholds when mounting and dismounting.Clean steps, handholds and areas of the engine you will be working on or around.Enclosure Doors
Strong winds may lift the enclosure doors off their hinge pins.If strong winds threaten to lift the enclosure doors, the doors should be removed from their hinges to prevent damage.Before Starting the Engine
Inspect engine for potential hazards.Be sure all protective guards and covers are installed if an engine must be started to make adjustments or checks. To help prevent an accident caused by parts in rotation, work carefully around them.Do not disable

Caterpillar parts catalog:

Caterpillar parts catalog
994H Wheel Loader DWC00001-UP (MACHINE) POWERED BY 3516B Engine

Parts bracket Caterpillar catalog:

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3044591 BRACKET AS
854K, 992K, 994H
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