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BRACKET AS 3843979 - Caterpillar

3843979 BRACKET AS Caterpillar parts D9T
Alternative (cross code) number:
Caterpillar 3843979 BRACKET AS
Weight: 7 pounds 3 kg.

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Illustration 10 g00508053
Put Tooling (B) against the face of the barrel. Place barrel assembly (15) on Tooling (F), as shown. Install the pistons and cam (16) in the barrel assembly. Make sure that the pistons are installed in the original locations.
Illustration 11 g00508935
Install shaft (17), as shown.
Illustration 12 g00508995
Install one 3/8 inch - 16 NC guide bolt (32) in the cam plate. The length of the guide bolt must be 203 mm (8 inch). Make sure that the dowel in the cam plate is aligned with the dowel hole in the pump body.
Use two persons to install the pump body over the shaft, as shown. The weight of the pump body is 36 kg (80 lb).
Illustration 13 g00508325
Install O-ring seals (30) on the retainer. Use Tooling (G) to install lip seals (29). Make sure that the sealing lips of both lip seals are facing outward.
Illustration 14 g00509002
Lubricate the seals on retainer (28) and install the retainer on the pump body, as shown. Remove guide bolt (32) and install three bolts (14) that secure the retainer to the pump body.
Illustration 15 g00509066Note: Do not scratch the polished surface of the barrel assembly. Pump efficiency will be reduced.
Tilt the pump on Tooling (F). Keep Tooling (F) flat on the face of the barrel. Use a hoist to carefully place the pump on a clean work bench, as shown. The weight of the pump is 141 kg (310 lb). Remove Tooling (F) and Tooling (B).
Heat bearing cone (13) to a maximum temperature of 120°C (248°F). Use insulated gloves to handle the bearing cone. Put the bearing cone in position on shaft (17). Make sure that the bearing cone is firmly seated against the shoulder.
Install the gasket on the pump body.
Illustration 16 g00507887
Put a small amount of clean hydraulic oil on seal (12) and install the seal in the head.
Illustration 17 g00507885
Turn the head onto the opposite side and install port plate (10) in the head. Make sure that the dowels on the head are aligned with the dowel holes in the port plate.
Illustration 18 g00509073
Install two 1/2 inch - 13 NC guide bolts (3) through the bolt holes in the pump body. The length of the guide bolts must be 203 mm (8 inch). Put head (9) in position on the pump body, as shown.
Install two bolts (2) with flat washers in order to hold the head tight against the pump body.
Install original shims (8) and key (7) on the shaft.
Illustration 19 g00509083
Install impeller (6) and nut (5) on the shaft. The torque for the nut is 150 20 N m (110 15 lb ft).
Use Tooling (C) and Tooling (A) to check the clearance at 120 degree intervals around the impeller, as shown. The clearance between the gauge bar and the impeller must be 0.44 0.08 mm (0.017 0.003 inch). Use more shims (8) behind the impeller, if necessary.
Remove two bolts (2).
Illustration 20 g00507835
Illustration 21 g00507834
Install the O-ring seal on cover (4). Install the cover on the head.
Install bolts (2) in order to secure cover (4) to the head.

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