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3844131 BRACKET AS Caterpillar parts D9T
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Caterpillar 3844131 BRACKET AS
Weight: 18 pounds 8 kg.

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Cylinder Block Assembly
Passages supply the lubrication for the crankshaft bearings and the piston crowns. Cooling passages for the top piston ring are located in the top deck of the block. This configuration provides improved rigidity. This configuration will resist the deflection that is caused by combustion.The cylinder liner is an induction hardened liner. A steel spacer plate provides improved reusability and durability. The design of the spacer plate eliminates the problem of cracks in the block. Cylinder Head Assembly
The cylinder head is a one-piece cast iron head. The cylinder head supports the camshaft. This improves the rigidity of the valve train. Steel reinforced aluminum bearings are pressed into each journal. The bearings are lubricated under pressure. Bridge dowels have been eliminated as the valve train uses floating valve bridges.Thermal efficiency is enhanced by the use of stainless steel thermal sleeves in each exhaust port. The sleeves reduce the amount of heat rejection to the cooling system. The sleeves then transfer the thermal energy to the turbocharger.The unit injector is mounted in a stainless steel adapter. This adapter has been pressed into the cylinder head injector bore.Pistons, Rings And Connecting Rods
The piston is a two-piece articulated design that consists of a forged steel crown and a cast aluminum skirt. Both parts are retained by the piston pin to the small end of the connecting rod. Oil from the piston cooling jets flows through a chamber which is located on one side of the crown. The oil returns to the sump through the hole on the opposite side of the crown. The pistons have three rings that are located in grooves in the steel crown. The top two rings seal the combustion gas. The bottom ring provides control of the oil. The top ring has a barrel face. This ring is a KEYSTONE ring with a plasma face coating. The second ring has a tapered face and the ring has a coating of chrome for the face. The third ring is the oil ring. This ring is double railed. This ring has a coating of chrome for the face. The third ring has a coil spring expander. There are four holes that are drilled from the piston oil ring groove to the interior of the piston. These holes drain excess oil from the oil ring.The connecting rod is a conventional design. The cap of the connecting rod is attached to the shank by two bolts that are threaded into the shank. Each side of the small end of the connecting rod is machined at an angle of 12 degrees in order to fit within the piston cavity. This allows maximum utilization of the available space for gas load.Crankshaft
The crankshaft converts the combustion force in the cylinder into rotating torque. The rotating torque powers the equipment. On this engine, a vibration damper is used at the front of the crankshaft in order to reduce the torsional vibrations. The torsional vibrations can cause damage to the engine.The crankshaft drives a group of

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