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BRACKET AS 9V9595 - Caterpillar

9V9595 BRACKET AS Caterpillar parts 826C BRACKET
Alternative (cross code) number:
Caterpillar 9V9595 BRACKET AS
Weight: 2 pounds 1 kg.

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Compatible equipment models: 9V9595:

LANDFILL COMPACTOR  826C   Caterpillar
Number on catalog scheme: 13
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Illustration 1 g01653034
Monitor for the Magnet Controller
Illustration 2 g00786548
Magnet Controller"MAGNET ON" (1) - This indicator is ON whenever the magnet is energized during the lift mode. The magnet is in the lift mode when the lift switch is pressed on the RH joystick. See Troubleshooting, "Magnet Does Not Lift Material" if the indicator does not illuminate.The indicator is OFF when the magnet is de-energized during the drop mode. The magnet is in the drop mode when the "drop" switch is pressed on the LH joystick. The indicator is OFF when the magnet is de-energized. See Troubleshooting, "Magnet Does Not Drop Material" if the indicator stays illuminated."VOLTS FAULT" (2) - This indicator illuminates when the generator is over the proper voltage during the lift mode. This indicator illuminates when the generator is under the proper voltage during the lift mode. This condition requires immediate attention in order to prevent damage to the generator or the magnet. There are several conditions that illuminate this indicator. Operation should cease and the problem should be resolved whenever this indicator is ON.If this indicator is ON, depress the drop switch and open the disconnect switch. See Troubleshooting, "Indicator for Volts Fault"."OVER 75% D.C." (3) - This indicator is illuminated when the magnet has been energized more than 7.5 minutes of a 10 minute period. Note: This function helps the operator to prevent overheating the magnet. Overheating the magnet will shorten the life of the magnet. If this indicator is ON, see Troubleshooting, "Indicator for Over 75% Duty Cycle"."GEN HOT" (4) - A temperature switch is mounted inside the generator and this switch will open when excessive heat is detected. An open contact will cause this indicator to illuminate. Excessive temperature can be caused by an overload or by poor ventilation.If this indicator illuminates, cool the generator. See Troubleshooting, "Indicator for Generator Hot"."+ GND FAULT" (5) - This indicator provides early detection

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824C, 825C, 826C
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