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2277921 CAB RISER Caterpillar parts CAB
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Caterpillar 2277921 CAB RISER

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1. Open the fuel shutoff valve. Unlock the priming pump plunger and operate the pump.2. When there is a strong resistance to the operation of the pump plunger, lock the pump plunger.3. Start the engine and inspect for leaks.4. If the engine will not start, reprime. If the engine is stopped, use the fuel priming pump to supply fuel to the injection lines.5. If engine continues to misfire or smoke after starting, continue hand priming.Steering Pump Case Drain Element
Change Element
Hot oil and components can cause personal injury. Do not allow hot oil or components to contact skin.
1. Remove the steering tank cap slowly to relieve the pressure. 2. Remove the filter element from the base. Discard the used element.3. Clean the element housing base. Be sure all of the old seal is removed.4. Lubricate the sealing surface with clean oil.5. Install the element by hand until the sealing surface contacts the base. Tighten the element 3/4 turn.Fuel Tank Cap and Fill Screen
Wash Cap and Screen
1. Remove the fuel tank cap. Clean the vent hole.2. Inspect the cap gasket. Replace the gasket if it is damaged.3. Remove the retaining snap ring.4. Remove the screen.5. Disassemble the cap.6. Wash all the parts in clean, nonflammable solvent.7. Lightly oil the element. Assemble the cap.8. Install the screen, the retaining snap ring and the cap.Engine Crankcase Breathers
Clean and Oil
1. Loosen the hose clamps (1) and remove the hoses from the breathers.2. Loosen clamps (2) on the breathers and remove the breathers.3. Inspect the breather seals. Use a new seal if the used one is damaged. 4. Wash the breathers in clean, nonflammable solvent.5. Clean the breather housing with a clean cloth.6. Install the breathers, elements, and hose clamps.Transmission Breather
Wash Breather
1. Remove the breather. Wash the breather in clean, nonflammable solvent. Allow the breather to dry.2. Install the clean breather.Hoist, Converter and Brake Breather Element
Change Breather Element
1. Remove the cover and clean in clean, nonflammable solvent.2. Discard the used breather element.3. Install a new element and cover.Transmission Charge and Lubrication Filters
Change Filters
Hot oil and components can cause personal injury. Do not allow hot oil or components to contact skin.
1. Remove the transmission charge and lubrication filter housing drain plugs and drain the oil. Clean and install the drain plugs. Removing the drain plug from the bottom of the housings, may not drain all of the oil from the housings. Be careful when removing elements and housing.2. Remove the housings and elements. Discard the used element.3. Clean the charge and lubrication filter housings in clean, nonflammable solvent.4. Inspect the seal in the filter housing bases. If the seal is damaged, replace it with a new one.5. Install the new elements in the housings. Install the housings into the bases.Check for Leaks
1. Start the engine and run it at LOW IDLE. Check for leaks.2. Observe the oil level when the oil is warm, the transmission in NEUTRAL and the parking brake applied. 3. Maintain the oil level to the FULL mark in the sight gauge.4.

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