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CAB AR 3966834 - Caterpillar

3966834 CAB AR Caterpillar parts M315D 2, M317D 2
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Caterpillar 3966834 CAB AR

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WHEELED EXCAVATOR  M315D2   M317D2   Caterpillar
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Illustration 37 g02716076
Illustration 38 g02716078
Note: Socket contacts should only be used in plug assemblies. Pin contacts should only be used in receptacle assemblies.
Continue to push the contact straight into the connector until contact retention finger (36) locks in place behind retention shoulder (37) on the contact, as indicated by an audible and tactile "click". A slight tug on the wire will confirm the contact is properly locked in place.
Illustration 39 g02716083
(1) Plug (or Receptacle) Assembly. (36) Retention Finger. (37) Socket (or Pin) Contact Shoulder.
When all required contacts have been inserted, complete the assembly by pushing the TPA cover into the fully locked position.
Plug assembly TPA covers may be fully locked by holding the rear of the housing and pushing the TPA cover in until it snaps into the locked position.
Illustration 40 g02716085
Receptacle assembly TPA covers may be fully locked by holding the rear of the housing while pushing in on the center of the recessed TPA cover with the tip of the 28170079 Removal Tool or a number 10 flatblade screwdriver, until the TPA cover snaps into the locked position.
Illustration 41 g02716087
Note: To verify that TPA covers are fully locked, apply pressure to both TPA covers. One method to do this would be to install a mating plug to verify that the two assemblies fully engage.
Verify that all contacts are locked into place by giving each wire a slight tug with a force of 4.5 to 8 N (1 to 2 lb).
Insert 2900A011 Seal Plugs (11) into any plug assembly (1) or receptacle assembly (2) circuit without a wire. The seal plug should be pushed in until the flange on the seal plug is firmly against wire seal cover (14) .
Illustration 42 g02716092
Illustration 43 g02716093
(1) Plug Assembly. (2) Receptacle Assembly. (11) 2900A011 Seal Plug . (14) Wire Seal Cover.Connect Plug and Receptacle Assemblies
When all contacts have been locked securely in position, complete the assembly of the connector system by mating matching plug assembly (1) and receptacle assembly (2) until connector latch (39) is fully engaged. An audible "click" will be heard.
Illustration 44 g02716099
(1) Plug Assembly. (2) Receptacle Assembly. (39) Connector Latch.Note: Plug assembly latch tip (41) must extend past the two small lock tabs (40) on the receptacle assembly and in a fully horizontal position to be completely latched, as shown.
Illustration 45 g02716101
(1) Plug Assembly. (2) Receptacle Assembly. (40) Lock Tab. (41) Plug Assembly Latch Tip.
Securely lock plug assembly (1) and receptacle assembly (2) together by pushing red CPA (connector position assurance) tab (6) inward, sliding it under connector latch (39) pad, until it "clicks" into position. Once the CPA tab is locked, the connector latch pad cannot be depressed, preventing unintended separation of the plug and receptacle assembly.
Illustration 46 g02716102
(1) Plug Assembly. (2) Receptacle Assembly. (6) CPA Tab. (39) Connector Latch.Perimeter Seal Replacement
Perimeter seal (13) can be replaced on plug assemblies (1) when the connector is separated, using the following procedure.
Illustration 47 g02716106
(1) Plug Assembly. (12) TPA (Terminal Position Assurance) Cover. (13) Silicone Perimeter Seal.
Remove TPA cover (12). Refer to Step 1 in the ""Disassemble""

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