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CABLE AS 2278044 - Caterpillar

2278044 CABLE AS Caterpillar parts CABLE
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Caterpillar 2278044 CABLE AS

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4. Push down on the service brake pedal to keep the machine from moving. 5. Push the parking brake knob in to release the parking brake.6. Move the transmission control lever to the desired direction and gear speed.7. Release the service brake pedal.8. Push down on the accelerator pedal to the desired engine speed.9. Drive the machine forward for best visibility and control.
For operator comfort and maximum service life of power train components, deceleration and/or braking is recommended before any directional shifts are made.
Parking Brake System
Personal injury could result from the sudden stop of the machine. The parking brake is automatically engaged when brake oil pressure drops below an adequate operating pressure.If the brake system oil pressure drops below normal operating pressure, a warning horn will sound and the parking brake alert indicators on the operator's panel will flash. The action light will start flashing.If the pressure drops farther, the parking brake will engage automatically.Be prepared for a sudden stop. Correct the reason for the loss of air pressure. Do not move the machine without normal brake oil pressure.
Loss of brake oil pressure will cause the brake alert indicators on the operator panel to flash. Loss of oil pressure will cause the parking brake to automatically engage and stop the machine.The action light will also flash when the monitor system lights flash.
Moving the machine with the parking brake engaged can cause excessive wear or damage to the brake. If necessary, have the brake repaired before operating the machine.
Supplemental Steering (If Equipped)
Supplemental Steering Action Light - Indicates the primary steering has failed and supplemental steering is being used. If this alert indicator comes on during operation, steer the machine immediately to an out-of-the-way location and stop the machine. Stop the engine and investigate the cause.Supplemental steering works only while the machine is in motion.Have any necessary repairs made before returning the machine to operation.Fire Suppression System (If Equipped)
Automatic Warning System
The fire suppression system includes: A heat sensing automatic warning system, a manually activated dry chemical fire suppression system and an engine shutdown system.
The heat detecting ability will be impaired if the heat sensors are covered, painted, dirty or damaged.
Cover the heat sensors while painting the machine. Be sure any paint protection covers are removed from the sensors before first operating a new machine.Clean the sensors monthly to remove dirt and debris. Replace them if they are dented or damaged. Fire heat sensors are located on the machine at various locations. They signal the fire detection control (1), in the operator's compartment, if a temperature above 193°C (350°F) is sensed.When activated, the warning fault light will flash and a warning horn will sound intermittently.Either one of two actuator assemblies can be used to activate the system. One actuator is in the operator's compartment to the left of the operator, on the dash. It is for the operator's use. Another actuator is located on the left side of the machine lower structure. It is used to activate the system from the

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