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778374 CAGE Caterpillar parts CB-614 CAGE
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Caterpillar 778374 CAGE

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Installation Procedure
Clean all parts and inspect all parts. If any parts are worn or damaged, use new Caterpillar parts for replacement.
Install two M16 x 2 - 240 guide bolts (2) into the flywheel at the 3 o'clock position and at the 9 o'clock position.
Lubricate all the O-ring seals and lubricate all the washer seals with API GL-5 gear oil. The gear oil must be SAE 75W-90.
Install one O-ring seal onto each guide rod. Slide the seals on the guide rods until the seal is even with the face of the flywheel.
Illustration 1 g00852552
Position a lifting strap on torsional coupling (3), as shown.Note: Ensure that the oil filler plug (6) is at the top of the coupling.
Illustration 2 g00852620
Position torsional coupling (3) on two M16 x 2 - 240 guide bolts (2) .Note: Do not push the torsional coupling against the flywheel at this time. Leave approximately 51 mm (2 inch) between the flywheel and the coupling.
Illustration 3 g01007704
Location of oil filler plug (6)
Install ten bolts (1), ten hard washers, and ten washer seals. The bolts must be all the way in the torsional coupling.Note: The washer seals must be between the washer and the torsional coupling.
Install ten O-ring seals (4) onto the ends of the bolts. Install the seal into the O-ring grooves on the rear of the coupling.
Slide the O-ring seals that are on the guide rods into the O-ring grooves that are on the rear of the coupling.
Slowly push the coupling toward the flywheel until the mounting bolts can be threaded into the flywheel. Thread all ten bolts into the flywheel without pushing the coupling against the flywheel. This will ensure that the O-ring seals are retained in position.
While the bolts are threaded into the flywheel, push the coupling against the flywheel. Hold the coupling in position and tighten the bolts.
Slowly remove the two guide rods. Ensure that the O-ring seals are properly seated in the holes.
Install two washer seals, two bolts (1), and two hard washers.Note: The washer seal must be between the washer and the torsional coupling.Note: Slowly install the bolts in order to ensure that the O-ring seals are not torn.
Illustration 4 g00852541
Tighten bolts (1) to a torque of 270 40 N m (200 30 lb ft).
Fill the coupling with 2 L (2.1 qt) of API GL-5 gear oil. The gear oil must be SAE 75W-90.
Pressure check the coupling through the oil filler plug (6) at 170 kPa (25 psi). No leak should be observed. A slow air leak at 3 kPa (0.5 psi) per minute is permissible.Note: If a leak is observed, reinstall the guide rods and slide the coupling from the flywheel. Check for damaged seals. If necessary, replace the seals and reinstall the coupling.
Use thread sealant to install oil filler plug (6) .
Illustration 5 g00852799
Fill the fitting with 183-3432 Grease until the grease is visible in the hub.
Apply an additional 225 mL (7.5 oz) of grease to the inside of the hub.Note: Do not overfill the hub. Overfilling the hub with

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