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CATCH, DRAWBRA 1C4253 - Caterpillar

1C4253 CATCH, DRAWBRA Caterpillar parts CATCH
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Caterpillar 1C4253 CATCH, DRAWBRA
Weight: 0.17 pounds 0 kg.

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1. Loosen the track. See Separation Of Track. 2. Use Tooling (A) and lift the side of the tractor from which the roller is to be removed.3. Put Tooling (B) in position to support the tractor and lower Tooling (A). 4. Fasten a hoist to Tool (C). Put Tool (C) in position under the roller as shown.5. Remove bolts (3) and caps (1) from each side of the roller.6. Remove track roller (2) from the machine. The weight of the track roller is 30 kg (66 lb). The following steps are for installation of the track rollers.7. Fasten a hoist to Tool (C). Align the flat side of the roller shaft with the roller frame, and put track roller (2) in position.8. Put caps (1) in position on each side of the roller, and install bolts (3). Tighten the bolts to a torque of 270 25 N m (200 18 lb ft).9. Use Tooling (A) to raise the side of the tractor. Remove Tooling (B). Lower the tractor to the ground with Tooling (A).10. Adjust the track tension. See Connection Of Track.Disassemble Track Rollers
Start By:a. remove track rollers 1. Use a hammer and a punch, and drive the plug out of stopper (2).2. Use a slow speed drill and 12.7 mm (.50 in) drill bit, and remove stopper (2) from the ends of the shaft.3. Remove bolts (3) and retainer (1) from both sides of the track roller. 4. Remove O-ring seal (5) from retainer (1). If the Duo-Cone seals are to be used again, put identification marks on the seals so they can be assembled and installed in their original position.5. Put identification marks on Duo-Cone seal (4). Remove the Duo-Cone seal from retainer (1). 6. Put identification marks on Duo-Cone seal (6). Remove the Duo-Cone seal and toric stabilizer (7) from shaft (8). 7. Pull shaft (8) out of the track roller far enough to fasten a hoist to the shaft.8. Remove shaft (8) from track roller (9).Assemble Track Rollers
1. Clean and inspect all parts for wear or damage. Replace all parts that are damaged or worn.2. Make sure all parts are free of oil film, dirt or other foreign material. Use Isopropyl Alcohol and a clean cloth or paper towel for cleaning.
The bearings in track roller (2) can be damaged when shaft (1) is installed in the track roller.
3. Carefully put shaft (1) in position in track roller (2). 4. Put toric stabilizers (3) in position on both ends of shaft (1). See Installation of Duo-Cone Floating Seals before installing any of the Duo-Cone seals.5. Put toric ring (4) in position in seal ring (5). Make sure the toric ring is straight in seal ring (5).6. Put toric ring (4) and seal ring (5) in Isopropyl Alcohol until the entire toric ring is wet. 7. Use Tool (A) to install the toric ring and seal ring (5) on shaft (1). Install the ring until Tool (A) makes contact with the end of the

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