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CHART-DUTY 1246631 - Caterpillar

1246631 CHART-DUTY Caterpillar parts TH63, TH82 CHART
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Caterpillar 1246631 CHART-DUTY
Weight: 0.03 pounds 0 kg.

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TELEHANDLER  TH63   TH82   Caterpillar
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Illustration 14 g02049875
(14) Thrust washer surface on Conventional Duo-Cone seal shaft
Illustration 15 g02046934
(6) Visible clearance between non-abutment side of cap and track roller frame.Use again.Idler or roller shaft stub end diameter acceptable if:
The cap is assembled to the roller frame.
There is a visible clearance between the non-abutment side of the cap and the roller frame. Refer to Illustration 15.Note: The visible clearance gives proper clamping force on the shaft stub end.
Illustration 16 g02049933
Measuring Conventional Duo-Coneseal collar for specification
Illustration 17 g02049993
Collar cross section view C-C
(Ra) Roughness value should be with in Ra 3.75 µm to 8.75 µmAdditional Criteria:
The seal ramp for the collars, which the toric for the Conventional Duo-Cone seal rides on, must have a roughness of Ra 3.75 µm to 8.75 µm to be reused.
Do not reuse a collar if the seal ramp areas are smooth, rusted, pitted, or grooved.
Use tooling 9A-1593 Comparison Gauge to evaluate the surface texture of the seal ramp in the collar.
Use the turn, face, or bore cast iron or steel column and the F row to determine reusability.
The texture gauge is used to indicate the appropriate surface texture. Evaluate the roughness by touch.
Illustration 18 g02050057
Tooling 9A-1593 Surface Texture Comparison gauge.
Illustration 19 g02050273
(15) Thrust washerUse again.Reuse thrust washers if:
The roller had oil.
The roller did not leak.
The thrust washer is not heavily worn, scratched, or dented.
Illustration 20 g02047635
(8) Thrust ringDo not use again.Do not reuse thrust ring with pitting. Refer to Illustration 20.Do not reuse worn thrust ring that has no oil grooves.Use again.Reuse thrust rings that are fixed to the retainer by pins if:
The pins do not protrude past the thrust ring.
The pins securely hold the thrust ring to the retainer.
The pins are not worn or scratched.
Illustration 21 g02050294
Fixed thrust washer
Refer to Illustration 21 for a thrust washer that is attached to the retainer.
Illustration 22 g02049300
(B) Shaft to bearing clearance
(9) Bearing
(10) Shaft
(11) Idler
Do not reuse bearings not been sufficiently lubricated.
Bearings should be checked for the proper bearing to shaft clearance.
Shaft to bearing clearance depends on the condition of the bearing and the bore that the bearing is installed.
Bearing dimensions may be checked by subtracting the shaft diameter (outside) from the installed bearing diameter (inside).
A feeler gauge can also be used to check the shaft to bearing end play.Do not use again.Do not reuse bearings with evidence of the following:
Embedded debris
Moved (walked)
DiscoloredUse again.Reuse bearings:
Which are smooth with minimal hatch marks.
With no signs of scratching.
Properly aligned in bore.Idler shell
Wear limits
To allow for reuse, the idler shell must not exceed certain wear limits. The dimensions for the bore can be found in the Undercarriage Reconditioning Bulletin, SEBF8571, "Reconditioning Dimensions for Idlers"
The wear limits for the outside diameter of the idler shell can be found in the Custom Track Service handbook, PEKP9400. Idlers exceeding 100% wear should not be rebuilt.
Illustration 23 g02053228
Welding restraints and wear limits
(D) 100% wear
(E) Tread thickness
(F, G, or H) Cracks cannot be weld repaired in these regions.Examine the idler shell for cracks. Refer to Illustration 1 for idler regions. If cracks appear in regions F, G, or H, the crack cannot be

Caterpillar parts catalog:

Caterpillar parts catalog
TH63, TH82 and TH83 Telehandler 3JN00001-01509 (MACHINE) POWERED BY 3054 Engine
TH63 Telehandler 3NN00001-UP (MACHINE) POWERED BY 3054 Engine

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