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CLAMP-HOSE 1246266 - Caterpillar

1246266 CLAMP-HOSE Caterpillar parts 3054B, 3116, 3126, 797F, C32 CLAMP
Alternative (cross code) number:
Caterpillar 1246266 CLAMP-HOSE
Weight: 0.13 pounds 0 kg.

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Compatible equipment models: 1246266:

MARINE ENGINE  3054B   3116   3126   C32  
TRUCK  797F   Caterpillar
Number on catalog scheme: 6
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Illustration 26 g06290798
(W) Hose clamp
Secure the hose with hose clamp (W) as shown in Illustration 26.
Illustration 27 g06290794
(P) Hose assembly
(R) Hose assembly
(S) Screw
(T) Swivel Tee
Install hose assembly (P), hose assembly (R), and swivel tee (T). Tighten screw (S) and secure the strap. Refer to Illustration 27.
Illustration 28 g06290788
(M) Clamps
(N) Clamps
Illustration 29 g06290793
(M) Clamps
(N) Clamps
Secure hoses with clamps (M) and clamps (N). Refer to Illustration 28 and Illustration 29.
Illustration 30 g06290786
(H) Alarm assembly
(J) Clip
(K) Bolt
(L) Cable straps
Secure clip (J) with bolt (K) and washer. Reconnect alarm assembly (H). Secure the harness with four 7K-1181 Cable Strap. Refer to Illustration 30.
Illustration 31 g06290779
(E) Bolts
(F) Washers
(G) Bolts
Illustration 32 g06290780
(E) Bolts
(F) Washers
(G) Bolts
Reinstall hood group on to the machine using a proper lifting device. The weight of the hood group is approximately 395 kg (871 lb).Secure the frame using bolts (E), bolts (G), and washers (F) at locations shown in Illustration 31 and Illustration 32.
Illustration 33 g06322088
(B) Access door group
(C) Access door group
(D) Grill group
Close access door group (B), access door group (C), and grill group (D). Refer to Illustration 33.
Illustration 34 g06290778
View of area A
Inspect all disassembly and assembly procedure from Step 1 to Step 21.Installation of Switch Group in the Cab
Illustration 35 g06290816
(AK) Bolts
Loosen bolts (AK) to disassemble the cover of switch group panel as shown in Illustration 35.
Illustration 36 g06290817
(AL) Connector
Plug 236-4623 Reversing Fan Switch Gp below connector (AL) and install the cover of switch group panel. Refer to Illustration 36.
Illustration 37 g06318023
(25) 225-4131 Film or 225-4130 Film
Install film (25) symmetrical on either sides of the engine hood as shown in Illustration 37.Software Configuration
Note: This machine feature can be configured and must be activated with product software programming system or service tool.
Use Caterpillar Electronic Technician (CAT ET) and select the Engine Electronic Control Module (ECM).
Select "Service" from the menu.
Select "Configuration" from the menu.
Double-click the desired feature on the "Configuration" screen to change.

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