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3535030 COMMON AR Caterpillar parts 966K COMMON
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Caterpillar 3535030 COMMON AR

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WHEEL LOADER  966K   Caterpillar
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To prevent possible personal injury, make sure all of the pressure in the air system is released before any air lines are disconnected.
1. Open the air drain valves on the right side of the cab, and release the air pressure in the system.2. Remove the setscrew in the retarder valve with an allen wrench.3. Remove bolts (3) and (4) from the steering column that hold the retarder valve to the column.4. Put identification marks on the air lines for correct installation. Pull the valve out, and disconnect air lines (2) from the retarder valve. Remove retarder valve (1).Install Retarder Valve And Secondary Brake Valve
1. Connect air lines (2) to the retarder valve. Put retarder valve (1) in position. 2. Install bolts (3) and (4) that hold the retarder valve to the steering column.3. Install the setscrew that holds the adapter to the shaft.4. Close the air drain valves.END BY:a. install cab front coverDisassemble Retarder Valve And Secondary Brake Valve
START BY:a. remove retarder valve or emergency brake valve The valve that is shown disassembled is the retarder valve. The secondary brake valve is disassembled the same way. The secondary brake valve does not have the O-ring seal.1. Remove setscrew (1) from the adapter. Remove adapter (2) from the cover. Remove the O-ring seal from the cover. The emergency brake valve does not have the O-ring seal. 2. Turn the valve over, and remove screws (3) and (4) that hold the cover to the body. 3. Remove cover (5) and cam and follower (6). Before the adjusting ring is removed, note the position of the adjusting ring in the cover, and install it in approximately the same position. 4. Remove lockring (7) and adjusting ring (8) from the cover.5. Separate the cam and follower. Inspect the lobes on the cam and follower for excessive wear. Make a replacement of the cam and follower if needed. 6. Remove spring (9), piston (10) and spring (12) from body (13). Remove O-ring seal (11) from the piston. 7. Remove the screws that hold valve assembly (14) in place. Remove valve assembly (14). Remove O-ring seal (15) from the valve assembly.Assemble Retarder Valve And Secondary Brake Valve
1. Inspect all the O-ring seals, and make replacements if needed. Make sure all the parts are clean. 2. Install O-ring seal (2) on valve assembly (1). Put valve assembly (1) in position in body (3). Install the two screws that hold the valve assembly in the body. 3. Install spring (7), O-ring seal (6), piston (5) and spring (4) in body (3). 4. Install adjusting ring (9) in cover (10). Put the adjusting ring in approximately the same position it was when removed.5. Install lockring (8). Make sure the locking tang on the lockring is in alignment with the groove (slot) in cover (10). Make sure the vertical tangs on the lockring are in alignment with the inside diameter grooves (slot) in the adjusting ring.6. Put 5P960 Multipurpose Type Grease on the lobes of follower (11) and

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