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CONNECTOR 3535099 - Caterpillar

3535099 CONNECTOR Caterpillar parts 3516C, C175-16 CONNECTOR
Alternative (cross code) number:
Caterpillar 3535099 CONNECTOR
Weight: 0.37 pounds 0 kg.

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Compatible equipment models: 3535099:

GENERATOR SET  3516C   C175-16   Caterpillar
Number on catalog scheme: 5
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Illustration 1 g00822278
Position one final drive so that oil drain plug (2) is at the bottom. Note: Refer to Operation and Maintenance Manual, "General Hazard Information" for information on Containing Fluid Spillage.
Remove drain plug (2) and level plug (1). Allow the oil to drain into a suitable container.
Clean the plugs and inspect the O-ring seals. If wear or damage is evident, replace the drain plug, the level plug, and/or the O-ring seals.
Install drain plug (2).
Fill the final drive to the bottom of the opening on level plug (1). See Operation and Maintenance Manual, "Lubricant Viscosities" and Operation and Maintenance Manual, "Capacities (Refill) ".
Install level plug (1).
Perform Step 1 to Step 6 on the other final drive. Use a different container for the oil so that the oil samples from the final drives will be separate.
Completely remove the oil that has spilled onto surfaces.
Start the engine and allow the final drives to run through several cycles.
Stop the engine. Check the oil level.
Check the drained oil for metal chips or for particles. If there are any chips or particles, consult your dealer.
Properly dispose of the drained material. Obey local regulations for the disposal of the material.

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Caterpillar parts catalog
3516C Petroleum Engine NG300001-UP
3516E Marine Engine MD500001-UP
3512E Marine Engine MD300001-UP
3516E Marine Engine MRY00001-UP
3516E Marine Engine MRN00001-UP
3516E Marine Engine MRC00001-UP
3516E Marine Engine MR900001-UP
3512E Marine Engine MR800001-UP
3512E Marine Engine MR700001-UP
3512E Marine Engine MR400001-UP
C280–16 Marine S4M00001-UP
C175-16 Petroleum Engine P6N00001-UP
C175–20 Locomotive Engine R4F00001-UP
C280–12 Generator RH700001-UP
3512E Marine Engine MR300001-UP
Retrofit Aftertreatment SCR Marine ESF00001-UP
Retrofit Aftreatment SCR EPG EH600001-UP
C280–16 Marine Engine R4M00001-UP
C32 Marine Engine PWT00001-UP
C32 Marine Generator Set MG400001-UP
Retrofit Aftertreament SCR Marine EF500001-UP
797F Off-Highway Truck LTZ00001-UP (MACHINE) POWERED BY C175 Engine
C175–16 Petroleum Engine P6P00001-UP
3516E Marine Engine SW200001-UP
3516E Marine Engine SW300001-UP
3516E Marine Engine SW400001-UP
3516E Marine Engine SW500001-UP
3512E Marine Engine SY200001-UP
3512E Marine Engine SY300001-UP
3512E Marine Engine SY400001-UP
3512E Marine Engine SY500001-UP
3516E Marine Engine SW600001-UP
3516E Marine Engine SWD00001-UP
3516E Marine Engine SWK00001-UP
3512E Marine Engine SY600001-UP
3512E Marine Engine SY700001-UP
3512E Marine Engine SY800001-UP
3512E Marine Engine SY900001-UP
3516C Locomotive Generator Set LAS00001-UP
C280-16 GENERATOR A4F00001-UP
C175–16 Generator Set WYC00001-UP
3516C Generator Set SCJ00001-UP
3516C Generator Set SCK00001-UP
3516C Generator Set SKC00001-UP
3516C Generator Set SFK00001-UP
3516C Marine Engine TKG00001-UP
3516C Marine Auxiliary Engine TKJ00001-UP
3516C Marine Engine TKK00001-UP
Retrofit Aftertreatment SCR and Dosing Cabinet ESH00001-UP
785G Off-Highway Truck RTL00001-UP (MACHINE) POWERED BY 3512E Engine
C175–16 Generator Set TE800001-UP
3512E Marine Engine MR200001-UP
C32 Marine Auxiliary Engine MX400001-UP

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