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9V9796 CONT GP- Caterpillar parts CONT
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Caterpillar 9V9796 CONT GP-
Weight: 130 pounds 58 kg.

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24. Loosen setscrew (46), and remove nut (45) from the rotor shaft25. Remove bearing (47) from end plate (48). 26. Remove O-ring seal (49) and end plate (48) from the end of the rotor. 27. Remove vanes (50) from rotor (51). 28. Remove rotor (51) from motor housing (3). 29. Use a press to remove bearing (52) and end plates (53) from rotor (51). 30. Remove bearing (52) from end plate (53). 31. Remove washers (54) from end plate (53). 32. Remove O-ring seals (55) from cylinder (56). 33. Remove cylinder (56) from motor housing (3). Remove the remainder of the O-ring seals from the cylinder.Assemble Air Starter
Clean all parts thoroughly. Put 2s3230 Bearing Lubricant on all bearings and the drive assembly. Put a thin layer of SAE 10W oil on all other parts before assembly. 1. Install O-ring seals (1) on cylinder (2), and install the cylinder in housing (3). Make sure pin (5) is in alignment with opening (slot) (4) in housing (3). 2. Install O-ring seals (6) on cylinder (2). 3. Install end plate (7) on rotor (8). 4. Install O-ring seal (9) on the rotor shaft 5. Install bearing (10) over the rotor shaft and in the end plate. 6. Install nut (11) on the rotor shaft with the shoulder toward the bearing. 7. Tighten the nut until there is .03 mm to .08 mm (.001 in to .003 in) clearance between the end plate and the rotor. Use a feeler gauge to check the clearance. Tighten bolt (12), and check the clearance again 8. Install rotor (8) in motor housing (3) with the pinion end of the rotor toward the cylinder alignment pin Make sure pin (13) is in alignment with the hole in the end plate. 9. Install vanes (14) in the rotor. 10. Install end plate (15) on the rotor, and make sure hole (16) in the end plate is in alignment with pin (17). 11. Install washers (18) in the end plate. 12. Put bearing (19) in position on the end plate. 13. Use tooling (B) and a press to install bearing (19) on the rotor shaft and in the end plate. 14. Install rotor pinion (20) and the bolt that hold it to the rotor shaft Tighten the bolt to a torque of 120 N m (90 lb ft). 15. Install O-ring seal (22) around the rotor bearing, and put cover assembly (21) in position on the motor housing. 16. Put bearing (25) and ring (23) in position on drive shaft (24). 17. Use a press and tool (A) to install the ring on the drive shaft 18. Put bolt (30), lockwasher (31), washer (32), bearing (33), driving clutch jaw (34), driven clutch jaw (26), spring (27) and cup (28) in position in drive shaft assembly (24). Install ring (29) in the drive shaft assembly. 19. Use tooling (B) to install the seal in piston (35). Make sure the lip of the seal is toward the outside of the

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