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CONTROL GP-ELECTRONIC 1246117 - Caterpillar

1246117 CONTROL GP-ELECTRONIC Caterpillar parts G3616 CONTROL
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Caterpillar 1246117 CONTROL GP-ELECTRONIC
Weight: 2 pounds 1 kg.

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GAS ENGINE  G3616   Caterpillar
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Operating Procedure
Be sure no one is working on or near the machine to prevent injury. Keep the machine under control at all times to prevent injury.Reduce engine speed when maneuvering in tight quarters or when breaking over a rise.Select the gear range necessary before starting downgrade. Do not change gears while going downhill.A good practice is to use the same gear range going downgrade that would be used to go up the grade.Do not allow the engine to overspeed downhill. Use the service brake pedal to reduce engine overspeed going downhill. 1. Be sure the steering frame lock link is in the carry position.2. Adjust the operator's seat. 3. Fasten the seat belt. 4. Raise the blade high enough to clear any obstructions before moving the machine. 5. Push the parking/secondary brake knob down to release the brake. 6. Pull the transmission neutral lock knob out to release the transmission control lever. 7. Move the transmission control lever to the desired travel direction. Rotate the control lever to the desired speed. 8. Push down on the accelerator pedal to the desired engine speed.9. Drive the machine forward for best visibility and control.
For operator comfort and maximum service life of power train components, deceleration and/or braking is recommended before any directional shifts are made.
Parking/Secondary Brake System
If the brake system air pressure drops below normal operating pressure, a warning horn will sound. The low brake pressure and the parking brake indicators on the operator's panel will come on. The fault light will start flashing.If the pressure drops further, the parking/secondary brake will engage automatically, and the transmission will shift to neutral.Be prepared for a sudden stop. Correct the reason for the loss of air pressure. Do not move the machine without normal air pressure.
Loss of brake oil or air pressure will cause the brake indicators and the parking brake indicator on the operator panel to come on. Loss of air pressure will cause the parking/secondary brake to automatically engage and stop the machine. The fault light will also flash when the monitor system lights go on.
Moving the machine with the parking/secondary brake engaged can cause excessive wear or damage to the brake. If necessary, have the brake repaired before operating the machine.
Test Parking/Secondary Brake System:
Be sure that the area around the machine is clear of personnel and obstructions.Be sure the steering frame lock link is in the carry position.Test the brakes on a dry, level surface.Fasten the seat belt before testing the brakes.
The following tests are to determine if the parking/secondary brake is functional. These tests are intended to measure maximum brake holding effort.Brake holding effort required to hold a machine at a specific engine rpm will vary from machine to machine due to differences in engine setting, power train efficiency, etc., as well as differences in brake holding ability.The engine rpm at beginning of machine movement, with the parking/secondary brake engaged, should be compared against the engine rpm your specific machine was able to hold on a prior test,

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