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CONTROL GP 9W0493 - Caterpillar

9W0493 CONTROL GP Caterpillar parts 3406B CONTROL
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Caterpillar 9W0493 CONTROL GP
Weight: 0.20 pounds 0 kg.

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Compatible equipment models: 9W0493:

TRUCK ENGINE  3406B   Caterpillar
Number on catalog scheme: 12
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Remove Air Compressor
1. Drain the coolant from the engine.2. Remove the governor and air supply line from the air compressor. 3. Disconnect water outlet line (1), air outlet line (3), water inlet line (2) and oil inlet line (4) from the air compressor. Put identification on the lines for correct installation. 4. Remove three nuts (5) that hold the air compressor in position.5. Remove air compressor (6). Check the condition of the O-ring seal on the tube assembly and the adapter assembly on the compressor. If the seals have damage, use new parts for replacement.Install Air Compressor
1. Install new O-ring seals (3) and (4). Put clean oil on the seals.2. Put air compressor (1) and oil tube (2) as a unit in position in the flywheel housing. Make sure the drive gear engages with the balancer gear. If the gears do not engage, turn the crankshaft slowly with tool (A) until the gears engage with each other.3. Install the nuts that hold the air compressor in position. 4. Connect air outlet line (7), water outlet line (5), oil inlet line (8) and water inlet line (6) to the air compressor.5. Connect the air supply line to the governor and air compressor.6. Fill the engine with coolant to the correct level.Disassemble Air Compressor
start by:a) remove air compressorb) remove accessory drive1. Remove the water line elbow, the air line elbows and oil (drain) tube from the air compressor. 2. Remove bolts (1) from the cylinder head. Remove cylinder head (2) and the gasket from the crankcase. 3. Remove inlet valve springs (7).4. Remove (discharge) valve seats (6) from the cylinder head. Remove valves (8) and springs (5).5. Inspect the valve seats for damage and wear. Make replacements if necessary. 6. Remove valve stops (9) as follows: a) Put the machined surface of the cylinder head down on an arbor press.b) Gradually push the stops from the top of the cylinder head and out of the bottom.c) Be sure there is enough clearance for the stops between the press and the bottom of the cylinder head.d) Inspect the stop bore in the cylinder head. Make a replacement of the head body if the bore is damaged. Remove the valve stops only if there is wear and damage, also if the valve movement (travel) exceeds .057 in. (1.45 mm).7. Remove bolts (3) from the adapter. Remove adapters (4) from the compressor housing. 8. Remove O-ring seal (10), the thrust washer and the bearing from the adapter with tool (A).9. Remove bolts (12) from the cover. Remove cover (11) and the gasket from the crankcase. 10. Bend down the lock on lock straps (13). Remove bolts (14) from the bearing caps.11. Put identification on the bearing caps for correct installation with the connecting rod. Remove the bearing caps. 12. Remove pistons (15) from the crankcase through the top of the cylinders.13. Remove crankshaft (16) from the crankcase. Remove the key from the crankshaft. 14. Remove end cover (17) from the crankcase. Remove

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