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CONTROL GP 9W0497 - Caterpillar

9W0497 CONTROL GP Caterpillar parts 3406B CONTROL
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Caterpillar 9W0497 CONTROL GP
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TRUCK ENGINE  3406B   Caterpillar
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Safety Precautions
Do not operate or work on this engine unless you have read and understand the instructions and warnings in the Operation and Maintenance Manual. Failure to follow the instructions or heed the warnings could result in injury or death. Contact any Caterpillar dealer for replacement manuals. Proper care is your responsibility.
Accidental engine starting can cause injury or death to personnel working on the equipment.To avoid accidental engine starting, disconnect the battery cable from the negative (−) battery terminal. Completely tape all metal surfaces of the disconnected battery cable end in order to prevent contact with other metal surfaces which could activate the engine electrical system.Place a Do Not Operate tag at the Start/Stop switch location to inform personnel that the equipment is being worked on.
This procedure is performed as a precursor to checking the engine valve lash and adjusting the fuel injector rocker arms.Required Tools
Table 1
Required Tools
Tool Part Number Part Name Quantity
A 214-7340 Ratchet Wrench Gp 1
B 9S-9082 Engine Turning Tool (Turning Port Tool) 1
C 5P-7305(1) Engine Turning Tool(Starter Turning Tool) 1
D 5P-7306(1) Housing As (Starter Turning Tool) 1
F 208-0888(1) Engine Turning Tool (Turning Port Tool) 1
G 136-4632 Timing Pin 1
H 139-7063 Timing Pin Adapter 1
J 139-7064 Timing Pin Adapter 1
(1) Used in applications where additional hole is not provided in flywheel housing to accommodate engine turning toolTest Preparation
Remove the appropriate engine covers that allow access to the turning tool cover plate on the flywheel. Remove the turning tool cover plate and the timing pin hole plug (2). Remove the valve cover from the engine.Test Procedures
Illustration 1 g01713799
Typical view of flywheel housing
(1) Flywheel Housing
(2) Timing Pin Hole Plug
(3) Cover Bolt
(4) Cover
Thread the 136-4632 Timing Pin with the proper timing pin adapter into the timing hole. The timing hole is located approximately 127 to 152 mm (5.0 to 6.0 inch) above the hole for the engine turning tool in the flywheel housing.
Illustration 2 g02614960
Typical location for engine turning tool for flywheel housings with additional hole
Illustration 3 g02614999
Typical location for engine turning tool for flywheel housings without additional hole
Note: Never turn the engine by the crankshaft vibration damper. The crankshaft vibration damper is a precision part. Damage to the crankshaft vibration damper can result in major engine failure.
Install the proper engine turning tool into the proper location on the flywheel housing. Turn the flywheel in the direction of engine rotation. The direction of engine rotation is counterclockwise, as the engine is viewed from the flywheel end. Turn the flywheel until the Timing Pin engages with the hole in the flywheel.Note: If the flywheel is turned beyond the point of engagement, the flywheel must be turned in the direction that is reverse of normal engine rotation. Turn the flywheel by approximately 30 degrees. Then turn the flywheel in the direction of normal rotation until the Timing Pin engages with the hole in the flywheel. This procedure removes the play from the gears when the No.

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