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COVER 0005284 - Caterpillar

0005284 COVER Caterpillar parts COVER
Alternative (cross code) number:
Caterpillar 0005284 COVER
Weight: 2 pounds 1 kg.

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Illustration 6 g01022082
Bank Valve (ripper hydraulic system) (9) Bolts
Disconnect the three rods from the top of the bank valve by removing bolt (9) from each rod. If your machine is equipped with a ripper, you must remove a fourth rod.
Illustration 7 g01022174
Implement control linkage (ripper hydraulic system) (10) Bolts (11) Nut (12) Ripper linkage (13) Nut
Disconnect the ripper linkage from the implement control linkage by unscrewing nut (13). This will aid in removing the implement control linkage.Unscrew three bolts (10) and one nut (11). Pull the implement control linkage from the compartment. Installing the External Detent Assist Mechanism
Illustration 8 g01022404
(14) 7X-7662 Rod End
Remove the installed 7X-7662 Rod End (14) that is attached to plate (A) from the implement control linkage.
Illustration 9 g01022541
Dimensions for drilling hole (A) (X) Dimension X is 37 mm (1.45 inch) (Y) Dimension Y is 17 mm (0.67 inch)
Drill a Ø6.6 mm (0.26 inch) diameter hole using the dimensions that are in Illustration 9.Note: It may be required to drill a larger hole, if the plunger does not enter the receiver correctly.
Illustration 10 g01023372
(A) Plate (A)
Grind plate (A) flat in order to prepare the plate for drilling of hole (B). Note: The cast parting line creates a rough surface that should be ground smooth in order to ensure a good bolted joint.
Illustration 11 g01023380
The bolt will not be installed at this point of the special instruction. (15) Hole
Align the top hole of the fabricated plate with hole (15). Mark the location of the second hole directly below hole (15). Drill a Ø9.0 mm (0.35 inch) diameter hole through plate (A) .Note: Hole (B) should be directly below hole (15). The center line connecting hole (17) and hole (18) should go through the center of the bore of Plate (A) .
Illustration 12 g01023398
Fully installed product (16) 7X-7915 Rod End (17) Bolted joint for linkage (18) Bolted joint thru plate (A) (19) Plate (B) (fabricated plate) (20) Plunger (21) Latch socket (22) Plate (C)
Bolt the 8Y-5726 Latch Socket to plate (C) using a 8T-4171 M6 Bolt and a 9X-8256 Washer .Bolt the 240-0206 Plunger to plate (B) using a 6D-2928 1/4 inch Bolt and a 2D-6235 Locknut .Note: Leave all bolts loose. Will tighten all bolts later.Install the new 7X-7915 Rod End (16). Also, install plate (B) when you install the new rod end. When you install the new rod end make sure that the length of the rod is approximately 171.00 mm (6.73 inch) between the centers of the two rod end holes.Use a 8T-7547 M8 Bolt , a 6V-9189 Locknut , and a 8T-4224 Washer at bolted joint (17). Use a 8T-4189 M8 Bolt , a 6V-9189 Locknut , and a 8T-4224 Washer at bolted joint (18). Note: Washers are to be installed on the locknut side of the bolted joint up against plate (B). Plate (A) will sit between plate (B) and the rod end.Once fully assembled, you may tighten all the bolted joints.
Install the improved assembly back into the

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