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COVER 1247076 - Caterpillar

1247076 COVER Caterpillar parts COVER
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Caterpillar 1247076 COVER
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The decimal point is not used when reading temperatures above 199.9°C or 199.9°F.Example: A reading of 0.565 = 565°: 1.200 = 1200°. Due to temperature adapter internal limitations, the maximum temperature to be measured should not be more than 900°C (1652°F).3. Plug the connector of the thermocouple probe or wire into the input connection of adapter (1). Do not force the connector into the adapter.To ensure correct polarity for the thermocouple, the connector can only be installed one way. The narrow positive (+) terminal must plug into the left side (narrow slot) of the adapter input connector.Use °C/°F Switch (4) to select the desired temperature reading.4. Move ON/OFF/TEST Switch (3) to the ON position.5. Put the thermocouple tip in contact with the area where temperature is to be measured. Allow a few seconds for the temperature reading on the multimeter to become stabilized.6. Read the temperature displayed on the multimeter (2). When temperature measurement is complete, move ON/OFF/TEST Switch (3) to the OFF position to prolong battery life.Battery Replacement for 6V9129 Temperature Adapter
1. Remove four screws (1). Separate the two halves of case (2), and remove battery (3).2. Install a new heavy duty or alkaline 9 Volt battery.3. Assemble the case; be sure that battery pad (4) and plugs (5) are in their correct position.4. Install and tighten four screws (1).
Battery pad (4) must keep battery (3) separated from printed circuit board (PCB) (6), to prevent possible damage to the temperature adapter.
When connecting a thermocouple connector to the temperature adapter make sure the thermocouple connector is correctly plugged into the adapter. The narrow positive (+) blade of the thermocouple connector must plug into the narrow positive socket (7) of temperature adapter connector (8).Troubleshooting
If the temperature reading becomes erratic or is questionable, make sure the multimeter is working correctly. Then, check the battery voltage of the 6V9129 Temperature Adapter. See 6V9129 TEMPERATURE ADAPTER OPERATION.If the test indicates correct operation of both parts, do the procedure that follows: 1. Inspect the thermocouple to make sure the wire is correctly connected to yellow thermocouple connector (1).2. Remove two screws (2), and lift off cover (3).* Make sure the thermocouple wire with the red insulation jacket is connected to the negative (-) blade terminal. [The negative (-) blade terminal is wider than the positive (+) blade terminal.] The thermocouple wire with the yellow insulation jacket should be connected to the position (+) blade terminal. Be sure the two wires are not touching (shorted) to each other.3. Repair the connections if necessary, then install cover (3) and screws (2).* If additional test, calibration or performance check information is needed, order a Service Manual for a Beckman Model TC-253 Temperature/Voltage Converter. Order Beckman Instructions FG3000-940-133 from the address given at the back of this instruction.8T0458 Thermocouple Wire and/or 6V9131 Thermocouple Probe Repair
With normal use, 8T0458 Thermocouple Wire (1) and 6V9131 Thermocouple Probe (2) should not need service or adjustment. The only repair that can be made to either part is the replacement of

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