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COMP Cams 12-471-44 4-Pattern 217/227 IB, 219/229 OB Hydraulic Roller Cam for Chevrolet Small Block
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Do not use a brush that has worn or loose bristles. DO NOT use a brush that has metal bristles. Metal bristles that break off and are not removed can cause damage to the bearings, crankshaft and/or other engine parts.
Flushing (Cleaning) Tools
Crankshaft oil passages usually cannot be cleaned correctly or completely when only a high pressure wash, or a high pressure nozzle, is used to do the cleaning procedure. A nozzle that has an aerated (air assisted) liquid flow for cleaning is recommended.Use a 2 to 3 percent (by volume) alkaline cleaning solution (detergent) with the cleaning gun. Temperature of the cleaning solution must be 43 to 66° C (110 to 150° F). When connecting the cleaning gun, the recommendation is to install a pump that is capable of supplying the cleaning solution at 114 liter/min (30 gpm) and 860 kPa (125 psi). Adjust the cleaning gun pressure to 620 kPa (90 psi).Install a 20 micron filter for filtration of the cleaning solution. (An 8J8850 Filter Group [with 8J1600 Filter Assembly]) can be installed as a filter for the cleaning solution). To do the cleaning procedure, first clean all oil passages thoroughly with the correct brush size. To remove debris (sludge, metal chips, etc.), use the cleaning gun with the cleaning solution to flush (wash out) each oil passage.Use a flashlight and/or bore scope to inspect each passage and make sure they are all clean. If the cleaning procedure is not done completely and thoroughly, it can cause debris in the crankshaft oil passages to loosen and cause problems after the engine is rebuilt and put into operation.Crankshaft Cleaning Procedure
Sludge, metal chips and/or other foreign material that is forced from the oil passages under pressure can cause personal injury if the proper protective measures are not used.Always wear protective clothing and eye protection when removing and installing crankshaft plugs, cleaning oil passages with a brush and electric drill, or when using the cleaning gun with the hot cleaning solution.
1. During any disassembly of the crankshaft, use plugs or covers to protect crankshaft oil passages. Use the correct lifting device for each crankshaft to avoid damage to the bearing journals and seal surfaces.2. Remove as much external dirt and oil as possible before the final cleaning procedure. This will reduce the amount of contamination to the cleaning solution and the cleaning solution tank. Use steam cleaning or another similar procedure to remove external dirt and any rust preventive coating. Step 3 is not necessary for a new or remanufactured crankshaft.3. Remove all covers and plugs from the crankshaft oil passages. For those crankshafts (1) that have plugs similar to plug (2) at the side of the connecting rod journals, or in the lightening holes, it may be necessary to drill out the plugs, then use an "Easy Out Remover" for plug removal. Refer to Guideline for Reusable Parts, Form SEBF8043, entitled Visual Inspection of Crankshafts. If the crankshaft has a core plug in each lightening hole, see the specific

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