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COVER AS 2278107 - Caterpillar

2278107 COVER AS Caterpillar parts COVER
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Caterpillar 2278107 COVER AS

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Cooling System
Change the Element
Read and understand the Cooling System Specifications section before servicing.
1. Open the engine access cover on the right side of the machine. 2. Close the inlet and outlet valves. Turn both valves clockwise to close. 3. Remove the coolant conditioner element. Discard the element.4. Clean the filter mounting base. Make certain all of the old element seal is removed.5. Install a new maintenance coolant conditioner element. Contact your Caterpillar dealer for the correct element to use on your machine.6. Coat the seal of the element with a thin film of clean engine oil.7. Install and turn the element until the seal contacts the base, then tighten an additional 3/4 turn.8. Open the inlet and outlet valves. Turn both valves counterclockwise to open.9. Start the engine and check for leaks.10. Close the access cover.Center Drive Shaft Spline
Lubricate the Fitting
1. Place the steering frame lock link in the storage position.2. Start the engine, raise the blade, release the parking brake and articulate the machine full right or left. 3. Lower the blade to the ground, engage the parking brake and stop the engine. 4. Lubricate one fitting on the drive shaft spline.5. Start the engine, raise the blade, release the parking brake and reposition the machine so that it is straight.6. Lower the blade to the ground, apply a slight down pressure, stop the engine and engage the parking brake.Air Conditioner (If Equipped)
Test Operation - Adjust Belt
1. Start the engine. Operate the engine at high idle. 2. Set the air conditioner control for maximum cooling, and fan control on HIGH.3. Allow two minutes for the air conditioning system to stabilize. 4. Remove the access covers on the right side of the machine. 5. Check for freon in the system as follows: Feel the suction line (1) and the discharge line (2).If the system contains freon, the discharge line will be warmer than the suction line.If the system does not contain, or is very low on freon, poor cooling will result.6. Stop the engine to inspect the compressor belt. 7. Inspect the condition and the adjustment of the compressor belt. The belt should deflect 14 to 20 mm (9/16

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