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COVER AS-FILTER 4416574 - Caterpillar

4416574 COVER AS-FILTER Caterpillar parts C175-16
Alternative (cross code) number:
Caterpillar 4416574 COVER AS-FILTER
Weight: 7 pounds 3 kg.

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Compatible equipment models: 4416574:

PETROLEUM ENGINE  C175-16   Caterpillar
Number on catalog scheme: 4
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Illustration 9 g00938607
(P) Work port (forward direction). (S) Work port (reverse direction). (Mp) Gauge port (forward direction). (Ms) Gauge port (reverse direction).Forward Travel
Run the engine at high idle.
Move the direction selector switch to the Forward position. Place the machine in High speed.
Illustration 10 g00938604
Select button (9) in order to begin a measurement of the selected channels.
While you monitor "HP FWD" and "XMSN pump", slowly press the accelerator pedal.
Note the current at "XMSN pump" when you first observe a pressure at "HP FWD". This is the regulation begin pressure for work port (P). The current at "XMSN pump" should be 175 10 mA. If current at "XMSN pump" is not 175 10 mA, proceed to "Adjust".Adjust
Illustration 11 g00938606
(11) Regulation begin adjustment (reverse direction). (12) Regulation begin adjustment (forward direction). (My) Proportional solenoid valve (forward direction). (Mz) Proportional solenoid valve (reverse direction).The following adjustment procedure will be made at regulation begin adjustment (forward direction) (12) .
Lower the bottom guard.Reference: Operation and Maintenance Manual, SEBU7596, "Bottom Guard Lowering".
Illustration 12 g00938611
Regulation Begin Adjustment (13) Locking nut. (14) Regulation begin cup. (15) Slotted nut.
Loosen slotted nut (15) .
Use a 13 mm wrench on locking nut (13) in order to adjust regulation begin cup (14). Turn the regulation begin cup (14) clockwise in order to increase the regulation begin pressure. Turn regulation begin cup (14) counterclockwise in order to decrease the regulation begin pressure.
Tighten locking nut (13) to a torque

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