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2277910 CYLINDER-BOOM Caterpillar parts CYLINDER
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Caterpillar 2277910 CYLINDER-BOOM

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If it is necessary to add make-up water daily, inspect for leaks. 1. Check gauges at both radiatiors.2. Remove the radiator caps slowly to relieve pressure. Maintain the coolant levels to above the level indicator plates in the bottom of the fill pipes.3. Clean and inspect the caps. If the seals are damaged, disassemble the caps and replace the seals.4. Assemble and install the caps.Clean Outside of Folded Core Radiator
Pressure air can cause personal injury.When using pressure air for cleaning, wear a protective face shield, protective clothing and protective shoes.The maximum air pressure must be below 205 kPa (30 psi) for cleaning purposes.
Compressed air, high pressure water or steam can be used to remove dust, leaves and general debris from a folded core radiator. Clean as required by condition of radiator.The use of compressed air is preferred.Refer to "Know Your Cooling System," Form SEBD0518, for the complete procedure and instructions.Suspension Cylinders - Front and Rear
Measure Cylinder Height - Recharge If Necessary
Front Cylinders
Stop the empty machine gradually on a level surface. Apply the parking brake, lower the body (bed) and stop the engine.Charge the cylinder until it is 265 mm (10.43 in). For charging instructions, see the service manual for your machine.Rear Cylinders
Measure the height of the cylinders. The pin to pin dimension should be 1177 mm (46.33 inches). If the heights of the suspension cylinders are incorrect, see the service manual for your machine, for charging procedures.Air Reservoirs
Drain Moisture and Sediment
Drain the moisture and sediment from the engine governor control reservoir, the service retarder reservoirs and the parking/secondary brake reservoirs. To drain reservoirs, open drain valves by lifting levers. Allow moisture and sediment to drain.Close valves by returning levers to the down position. Drain the moisture and the sediment from the air start air reservoir after engine is started. The air start tank should be drained with the engine running and allowed to refill prior to engine shutdown, unless an external air source is available to recharge the reservoir. If an external air source is used, drain the water from the external air source system before recharging air start air system.Fire Suppression System
Inspect the Systems
Fire Suppression System
Fire suppression agents may create hazards to people if discharged on them.Halon Agent can cause dizziness, reduced coordination and reduced vision after exposure. If symptoms persist after exposure, consult a physician.Dry chemical agent will reduce visibility and can irritate eyes, skin and nasal passages. If the agent gets into eyes, flush thoroughly with water, then consult a physician. In case of skin contact, wash all exposed areas with soap and water. If irritation persists, after inhalation or skin contact, consult a physician.The fire suppression system will not be able to suppress a fire unless the nitrogen actuators and agent cylinders are fully charged.The nitrogen and agent cylinders must be recharged if the system has been activated.Consult your Caterpillar dealer for recharging information.
Nitrogen activates the fire suppression system agent cylinders. There are two nitrogen cylinders. One is located on the left side of

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